Integrate SMS 2003 with SoftGrid Step-By-Step 


This has been nabbed from the above article. Its a bit ruff and ready but it certainly will get you there. Use this as a guide to setup a test environment and configure SoftGrid 4.x and SMS 2003 Connector.

SMS 2003 with SoftGrid for MCS + SQL Server X1

SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server X1

1. Install SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server on a machine (Local MSDE or Remote SQL Server)

2. Share the C:\Program Files\Softricity\Softgrid Server\Content folder (Shared Folder Permission)

3. Copy the Sequenced Application Packages to C:\Program Files\Softricity\Softgrid Server\Content folder

4. Start the SoftGrid Management Console from Administrative Tools

5. Click System Options in the Right panel.

6. In the System Options window, Open General Tab, Click Browse

7. Browse to \\SoftGridServer\content shared folder, Click Ok.

8. Right Click Applications in the left panel, Click Import Applications

9. Browse to the each subfolder under \\SoftGridServer\content shared folder to import each of the application's spri or osd file.

10. Check the Enable Checkbox and choose the Server Group in the Import Applications wizard. Click Next.

11. Configure other options to complete the wizard.

12. Create a SoftGrid Client Installer Shared Folder under C:\ (Shared Folder Permission=Everyone Full Control)

1. Install SoftGrid for Microsoft System Center on the SMS 2003 Site Server

2. Start the SMS Administrator Console, Right Click Site Database

3. Click All Tasks, Configure SoftGrid Virtual Extensions

4. In System Connection Tab, Add a New SoftGrid System Connection:

  • Host Name=SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server Name
  • Account=Set the Domain Administrator Account
  • Content Path=SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server-Content Shared Folder
  • Target Share Name=Type Content

5. Click Save

6. In SoftGrid Client Tab, Add a New SoftGrid Client Installer:

  • Client Name=SoftGrid Client
  • SoftGrid Client Installer Location= SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server-Client Installer Shares
  • Add Installation Switches=SWIDCSDISPLAY="Display Name" SWIDCSHOST="SoftGrid Virtual Applications Server Name"
  • Target Share Name=Type Content

7. Click Save, Click Ok. Virtualized/Sequenced Application Packages

1. In SMS Administrator Console, Right Click Packages in the left panel.

2.  Click New, Package.

3. Type the Application Name in the General Tab.

4. In SoftGrid Tab, choose the SoftGrid Server and SoftGrid Client Installer.

5. Click Poll Button.

6. Choose the Application Folder to create the package for this application. Click Apply.

7. Click Finish. Click Ok.

8. Repeat the Steps to create package for each application. Distribution Point

1. In SMS Administrator Console, expand the package you created before.

2. Right Click Distribution Point, Click New, Distribution Points

3. Follow the steps in the wizard to add a new distribution point.

4. Repeat the steps to add Distribution Point for each package. SMS Client

1. Open System Properties, Advanced Tab.

2. Click Environment Variables Button, Click New Button in System Variables Area.

3. Variable Name= SFT_SOFTGRIDSERVER, Variable Value=SoftGrid Virtual Application Server Name

4. Click OK 3 times, and Restart the SMS Client Machine.

NOTE:You can also create a Group Policy to add this Environment Variables to all of the Domain Computers Advertisement

1. In SMS Administrator Console, Click Advertisements in the Right panel.

2. Right Click Advertisements, Click New, Advertisement.

3. In General Tab, Type the name for the advertisement

4. Specify the Application Package

5. Specify the Application Program (eg. Add_Auth_Application)

NOTE:To know more the program information, Please refer to SoftGrid documentation

6. Browse the Collection for the Deployment.

7. In Schedule Tab, configure the schedule.

8. In Advanced Client Tab, choose Run Program from Remote Distribution Point.

9. Click Ok.

NOTE:You don't need to create advertisement for SoftGrid Client Installer Package

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