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I saw this great piece of information on and thought that this was a nice v1 script for loading application into cache. This script will check for and Preload only those SoftGrid applications currently not 100% in cache for the user.


Application pre-loading script that can be run on client machine in order to have all application packages for the user 100% cached.

This script will run through the list of application available to user and issue Load command against those ones currently not 100% cached. It will also take in the account that multiple applications/shortcuts might exists for one SoftGrid package so that load is not initiated more than once per package. This is done by reading through cached OSD's and identifying unique packages by GUID in <CODEBASE> element.

If script is not able to open cached OSD, this will usually indicate NTFS ACLs set inappropriately and as such error is logged by script if silent-mode is not in effect.


  • Visual Basic scripting support enabled


  • SoftGridPreloadApps 1.1 - As VBS file (might be blocked by more aggressive content-filtering firewalls)
  • SoftGridPreloadApps 1.1 - As ZIP package
    (revision history)


    You can execute script using either cscript.exe (runs in console-window) or wscript.exe (does not show console) by issuing command:

    cscript.exe //nologo ..path_to..\SoftGridPreloadApps.vbs
    wscript.exe //nologo ..path_to..\SoftGridPreloadApps.vbs

    This command can then be included in logon-scripts, Run-key in registry etc. to have it run when user logs on.

    Inside script, change variable called Silent to "True" (without quotation marks) to output status and error messages. This might not be wanted behaviour when running with wscript.exe as it will prompt dialog boxes to user for each and every message.




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    1. zarbie says:

      Hi Jeff, Again thanks for the information. I have been chatting to Kalle who was really helpful and gave the following information

      "No, I cannot say I have encountered quite anything like in the quoted comment or heard about similiar incident. I seriously suspect that something is wrong with that person’s SoftGrid client and/or machine as this is simple vbscript and in itself should not cause memory exhaustion or stuck machines.I personally have approx. 15 different package on my laptop via SoftGrid, and during testing I did not see memory consumption peaking or memory leaks happening even when loading them all from 0%.

      Pretty much only possible scenario I could think of is that the script enters into somekind of weird state when processing OSD files as that’s pretty much the only place in script where looping could theoretically turn infinite (but should not happen of course) and coupling that with opening files again and again without releasing them could lead to resource exhaustion. But that should not happen in normal cases and therefore it would require something very fishy when it comes filesystem, ACLs or such. Other possibility of course involves some esoteric bug in sftmime/SoftGrid client itself.

      It would be interesting to know if this happens on some particular machine or multiple machines, if only on one then e.g. corrupted filesystem can easily cause all sort of weird phenomenas.

      The reason, btw, why he/she ended up with all packages 0% in cache after having to reboot/reset the machine is that SoftGrid client will, in "self-defence", clear out those packages from cache that were in-load state when power was lost or Windows was shut down uncleanly. This is because SG client cannot know if package data ended up in corrupted state or not because of suddent shutdown. Because all apps ended up as 0% means that SoftGrid client were not able to complete loading of any of the apps when machine was resetted. Luckily this is now better than it used to be, in pre-4.0 clients if Windows was shut down uncleanly, SoftGrid flushed the cache fully regardless of state of any apps.

      It should be noted tho’ that loading multiple packages at the same time, which will easily happen with this script if you have lot of sub-100% cached packages, can be very taxing to machine as cache is [heavily] written in very non-linear fashion. But in any case, as I said, it should not cause memory exhaustion or anything like that."

      Just wanted to again say thanks to Kalle for his time in coming back to us on this! Top SoftGrid’ion! 🙂

      Jeff I hope that this helps!

    2. Anonymous says:

      So on the back of Kalle’s great Preload App’s Script , the Softgrid Team have given another one of his

    3. Anonymous says:

      SoftGrid Preload App&#39;s I saw this great piece of information on

    4. zarbie says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I have pinged Kalle a mail to see if anyone else has had any problems with his script. Inside script you can change variable called Silent to "True" (without quotation marks) to output status and error messages. This might not be wanted behaviour when running with wscript.exe as it will prompt dialog boxes to user for each and every message. This may also help you identify where the script is not closing out correctly. Also let us know which version of the client you are using. Thanks

    5. Jeffrey Walczak says:

      We’ve run this script, but as it loads each app it uses more and more memory.  By the time it is done, all the memory is used up and it does not release it.  The machine is unusable and we have to reboot.  After reboot, the softgrid client shows all apps back at 0% preloaded.  I did notice apps at something other than 0% while the script was running, but soon I was unable to check anymore as the machine bogged down.

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