Windows Server Virtualization Calculator (Version 2)

Windows Server Virtualization Calculator (Version 2). The new calculator lets you interactively build virtual machines running multiple Microsoft server products to estimate the licenses and costs for Windows Server by edition (Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter) and many Microsoft server products. It starts with configuring your server based on virtualization technology, sockets and clustering requirements, and then builds the virtual machines.

The public URL is: (same page for both calculators).

· It received over 7700 views in May, and the first calculator is being adapted by Dell and HP.

Licensing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 to Run with Virtualization Technologies. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of a certain company (rhymes with ZMWare) complaining that we license Windows differently for Virtual Server and third party virtualization. That’s simply not true and this document spells out the licensing most clearly. This document covers VMware ESX Server, VMware VMotion, SWsoft Virtuozzo, and Microsoft System Center Virtualization Machine Manager. This document also Intentionally compares VMotion, System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Microsoft Host Clustering (AKA Quick Migration) to build awareness with VMware customers that we have similar management and “VM movement” capabilities.

The public URL is:

 “Microsoft details Windows licensing for 3rd party virtualization platforms” blog:

Starting Today with Microsoft’s Virtualization Roadmap. This document covers the large-scale virtualization story of Virtual Server on Datacenter => Managed by SCVMM => Upgrading to WS2008 w/ Viridian.

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