Virtual Server and Beyond Day – Phase 1 Complete

Microsoft Virtualization Strategy Well the day went really well! Virtual Server and Beyond was the platforms first great operations day, and it was brilliant to be a part off. It was good to see some great demos and brilliant discussion. The event its self would never have taken place if it was not for the sheer drive from Jane Lewis .

We are looking to do another event in Scotland which customers certainly should aim to attend. Since Joining Microsoft I feel that I have worked with some great individuals and the last fortnight I have been really lucky to go to TechEd with a great gang and than to present on a much loved topic to our enterprise organisations.

Have a read of what janey put down for the day, although I think the best bit was Zarb and Bennetts amazing demo and some real world show!  😉  ..... saying that I bet BenP would say the same for his and Duane would also say the same! 

My views on virtualisation do differ somewhat from others due to working with a variety of vendors over the past years prior to joining Microsoft! I think what I am really looking forward too is Microsoft's v1 product actually being released to the world! Its very interesting to see our official compete against ESX and virtual center.


A big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved at all stages in the production of the day: our expert presenters, Lee Marsden, Ben Pearce, Ben Caird, Justin Zarb, Andrew Bennett (seconded to PFE for the day from the UK ESC team), Duane Thomas, our special guest Anthony Tsim (Lead Marketing Manager from Redmond, & inventor of Microsoft Virtual Labs), our “hostess with the mostess”, Jane Lewis, and last but by no means least, Mark Empson who worked very hard coordinating our guest vendors (AMD, HP and NetAPP) and getting all our software working on their hardware! And Queen Sarah Liddington for working with Jane and the gang to create a great event!

Thanks too to our helpers on the day Vas, Rob, Andy and Carl for presenting the face of PFE and talking to the customers during the breaks.

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