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So I am always conscious that 'we' as Microsoft Employee need to be careful of what we put out to the community for information! So I was really happy to see that the SoftGrid Team Blog has published externally the information to get on the Technical Adoption Program (TAP) for 4.5.

SoftGrid 4.5 is looking like a massive leap for the product. There are some great enhancements that the Team has been working towards.

The team has some of the best Product Managers working to develop the most scalable and powerful SoftGrid Experience to date!

So If you meet the criteria to get on the TAP than I highly recommend your organisation submitting a nomination.


Submit your nomination here:

SoftGrid 4.5

The Microsoft SoftGrid team is currently wrapping up our SoftGrid 4.2 release, but is also already hard at work on our next release, version 4.5. New capabilities that we are building into SoftGrid 4.5 include:

· Enhanced client scalability: improvements to allow very large deployments and integration with ESD systems, such as System Center Configuration Manager

· Availability and maintainability: the most stable and reliable version of SoftGrid to date

· Security tightening: the first SoftGrid release to go through the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and enhancements to support internet-facing scenarios

· Globalization and localization: support for both virtualizing non-English language applications and running the SoftGrid user interface in certain non-English languages

We need your help! Participants in the SoftGrid 4.5 TAP will partner with the SoftGrid product team to validate the product prior to its release through production deployments of Beta and Release Candidate releases.

Benefits of participating in the SoftGrid 4.5 TAP:

  • Designated point of contact on the product team
  • Regular communications with the product team
  • Opportunity to provide feedback and shape the next version of SoftGrid
  • Access to pre-release versions of the product and the ability to deploy into production before the product ships
  • Priority 24x7 product support up until the shipping of the product, plus 30 days

Requirements for participating in the SoftGrid 4.5 TAP:

· Executive (GM/VP or higher) sponsorship at the participating company

· Master TAP Agreement already signed or quickly signed before the program start date, with additional documents signed promptly as requested

· Active engagement with the product team with full participation in regularly scheduled surveys, feedback requests and conference calls; timely reporting of bugs and Design Change Requests (DCRs)

· Provide adequate resources for the duration of the program, preferably including a Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) or partner resource

· Participate in public relations activities relating to the experience with SoftGrid 4.5

· Have a Microsoft Premier support contract, including a Technical Account Manager (TAM) resource

· Commit to deploy in production the Beta and Release Candidate releases of the product within two weeks of their release. Note: The Beta release is expected in late October 2007 and the Release Candidate release is expected in mid March 2008. The following production deployment numbers are expected of each participant prior to the shipping of the product:

o At least 25 applications (SoftGrid packages) are virtualized and available for end users

o At least 2500 end users are actively using the product

Participant Selection

· The number of available slots in the program will be limited to 15 customers

· Participants will be selected based upon a broad criteria and not just the commitment to the above requirements

· Potential participants should ensure they understand the legal paperwork, production deployment and public relations requirements prior to submitting a nomination

Program Timeframes (All dates are estimates and subject to change):

· Now: Participant nominations opened

· June 15th: Participant nominations closed

· July: Initial customer selection completed

· August 3rd: Deadline for legal paperwork completion and program kick-offs begin

· September: Lab-only use release of SoftGrid 4.5

· Late October: Beta release of SoftGrid 4.5 and production deployments begin

· Mid March: Release Candidate release of SoftGrid 4.5 and production upgrades/additional deployments begin

· May/June: RTM of SoftGrid 4.5

Submit your nomination by June 15th, 2007 via our nomination survey:


Please email with any questions about this email or the nomination process for the SoftGrid 4.5 TAP. For more information on Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization, please see

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