SoftGrid 4.2 Tech Preview on Connect!

Get your race gear out and start the race! The tech preview for SoftGrid 4.2 is available now on Microsoft Connect

Log in go to available connections, scroll down and hit apply!!!

This is a great opportunity to get the first release for Vista x86 and virtualisation of Office 2007, Visual Studio and many more. This is due to support for sequencing Side-by-Side (SxS) applications. Some more detailed information has been put up on the SoftGrid Blog . This Technical Preview includes the Microsoft SoftGrid Client for Desktops and the System Center Sequencer.

As a reminder, the Tech Preview is a non-supported release and cannot be used in a production environment. Microsoft recommends updating to the full production version of 4.2 once it becomes available in July 2007 as part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for SA 2007 release.

Please visit the Microsoft Connect site at to gain access to the Technical Preview. Sign in with your Microsoft Windows Live ID and then click on "Available Connections" in the left pane. You will see "SoftGrid 4.2 Tech Preview" in the list. Click "Apply" and follow the directions and answer the survey questions to arrive at the SoftGrid welcome page. At this point, click on the "Downloads" link in the left pane and you will see the Tech Preview download.

Microsoft has also provided a feedback channel through the Microsoft Connect site. Click on the "Feedback" link in the left pane to access the feedback section and then click the green "submit feedback" button to send any issues you are seeing with the Technical Preview. This feedback helps Microsoft to better determine the future directions for the Microsoft SoftGrid platform. However, since this is not a supported release, Microsoft will not be able to respond to the submissions.

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    Lots has been happening lately, but all that is for another post. Here are some recent Virtualization

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