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Hi World! If you are a premier Microsoft Customer, get down and see this great event that will be running! we have a little stint on the SoftGrid side and there are some other people doing some great stuff on Virtual Server and Windows Server Virtualisation! Should be a great day and well worth turning up too!

Kick your TAMs about the “Virtual Server and Beyond…” operations day organised by the Platforms PFE team on 14th June, being held in Chicago 1 at TVP.

More information and registration can be found at  

Event Overview

The “Virtual Server and Beyond ...” day is aimed at Premier customers who want to understand Microsoft Virtualization. Be among the first in the UK to experience Windows Server 2008 Virtualization, with live demos on the latest hardware from AMD and HP. Understand the benefits of application virtualization with SoftGrid and see how it can ease the pain of application migration. Find out how System Center Virtual Machine Manager can ease virtualization management, and plug into your existing management infrastructure. Hear from the inventor of the Microsoft Virtual Labs Program and how Microsoft runs a global virtualized deployment.


The “Virtual Server and Beyond ...” day provides Premier customers with 3 key take-aways:

· How to use Microsoft Virtual Server in key scenarios.

· See Windows Server 2008 Virtualization in action.

· Understand how SoftGrid can ease migration and deployment.

Interact with the presenters, Microsoft field professionals and Microsoft Virtualization solution specialists. Find out everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Virtualization; don’t be afraid to ask.

Key Features

The “Virtual Server and Beyond..” day provides participants with an understanding and an appreciation of the following:

· Virtual Server in action.

· How Microsoft runs a global Virtual Server deployment.

· Application Virtualization with SoftGrid.

· Managing your virtual environment with System Center.

· Windows Server 2008 Virtualization technologies.

· Partner stands from AMD, HP and Netapp.

Target Audience

The day is aimed at IT Professionals who want to learn about the benefits of Microsoft Virtualization technologies for their organisation. If you want to learn about how this technology works from the hardware up and see some cutting edge demos of new technology on the latest hardware, then this event is for you.


Agenda (subject to confirmation)

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome

9:45 Virtual Server – What’s all the fuss about?

10:45 Break

11:00 Virtual Server – Where would I really use this?

12:00 Lunch

12:45 SoftGrid – What the heck is that?

13:45 Break

14:00 Technet Virtual Labs – How Microsoft puts its money where its mouth is

15:00 The future’s bright it’s Virtualized

16:00 Q & A

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well the day went really well! Virtual Server and Beyond was the platforms first great operations day,

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