Third Party Tools Starting to come out for Softgrid

So a sign of a successful toolset is when third parties start to offer nice tools to utilise for the community, which I see this often with other tools on the market for Altiris SVS.

Since Microsoft aquired Softgrid and plumited the price of the product and access to the product we now are getting much more reation from our customers. One such tool set has been created by a company called Consultants.... now I say they have created a toolset but really they have created a nice GUI wrapper over the SFT command lines that you can use today. 

The purpose of the SoftGrid Migration Tool is to help you “convert” existing automated application setups to SoftGrid Virtualized Applications (aka streams or sequences) with the least possible amount of user intervention.

 Don't get me wrong its nice that they have done this! I really need to try it out and have a good play and give you all feedback, and I will aim to do that over the next fortnight and post my findings here!

Microsoft today do not offer such a toolset. Perhaps "and its a big perhaps" this is something that may get turned into a resource kit tool in version 4.5 or 5.0. However, I know that the developers have got more than enough on there plates!

I am currently doing some charity work for Microsoft with a school in London and have around a further 200/300 plus applications that I still need to sequance.... (I have already done around 200!)..... I think this may be a good tests and playground to for me to see how well this tool works.

Have a download and play of the software. Let me know your feedback also and I will write up a seperate review of my own personal opion.

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