When Idle Threads Bugcheck (Or, when APCs attack)

Step in the architect John Sheehan…. John is one of the architects that came up with some of the SoftGrid features and has now started to dump his mind into a blog! Fantastic I hear you all shout! John is an avid presenter and should be great to have blogging in the world! John wrote…


MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization (Released!)

Well its finally time! The MSI Utility has reached Microsoft Download, get downloading and if you have any issues or problems be sure to let us know on the forums!; http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=37a9e590-4f55-44ac-93e1-36eb63a09240&displaylang=en&tm Hot Fix Roll Up 1 for SoftGrid App Virtualization 4.1 SP1 and 4.2 will be required for the MSI utility packages to work properly….


Building a Host Cluster with Hyper-V Beta 1

I love these types of posts! And good old Robert L posted this amazing post on Hyper-V. Roberts Blog should be on the left and down a little :o) …… Anyway if you want to rapidly build up a 2 node Hyper-V Cluster this is what your going to need….. Some Hardware…. A copy of…


Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator

This is friking cool! You need to have a play with this! download this now and play around on this bad boy! The tool is so easy and funky to use its great! Try it out……   Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator Beta 1 Now Available! Are your existing servers and desktops capable of…


Virtual Internet Explorers Virtual Homepage

The question came up the other day where someone was having a problem with Internet Explorer . Their sequenced version of Internet Explorer (which was being pulled into the package) was not using there default web/homepage rather than the one set within the virtual environment. Well what was happening was the value for that default…


Interesting Interviews from ITForum

Whilst I was hard at work over on the Windows Server 2008 stand’s or as a friend said to me, I was “working hard but hardly working” and sent me the photo to prove it!!! Yikes! Just to let you know I throttled Edwin Yuen SCVMM Product Manager on Guitar Hero’s…… however Virtual Tennis 3…


Windows Server 2008 RC1 With Hyper-V Beta Now Available

You have got to see this! I mean its very very cool. Jeff posted up on the Virtualization site some great video and to add they posted some video’s on Hyper-V. Get downloading  this and playing with the product HERE. —————————————- Greetings! Jeff Woolsey here from the virtualization team. We have some big news today!…


Andrew Montgomery’s Top 5 New Application Virtualization 4.5 Features

Andrew posted to the Application Virtualization blog the other day discussing his top 5 features that he like on the new 4.5 beta release. Now I like some of the features, but my top 5 would look a little different. Items around Scalability (Branch Office), Security, SCCM R2 Integration, etc would be up there for…


Eric’s Virtualization PodCast

So I am flying around a lot and walking in town these days….. and as I do this I tend to use my trusty portable music player  (the fact that i have not put a name down should say it all!) ….But I tend to use it for listening to podcasts and some music! …..Enjoying…


SFTExplorer 1.1 (Updated!)

SFTExplorer is one of the most popular third party tools that I see out there on the field. So it was great when Kalle pinged me a mail to let me know that it was updated to support the 4.5 (beta) as well as adding and fixing a few other aspects. This is a highly…