App-V 5.0 and Your PowerShell Profile

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  1. Karthik Peddi says:

    I am working on a application where it calls a power shell script during add package phase. As you know, we need to unrestrict(set-executionpolicy unrestricted to y) an execution policy before doing any operations in powershell command. We created a powershell
    script and added that script inside appv-5.0 package in the scripts tab. Added required code inside the deploymentconfig.xml file. Every thing looks good.

    But we need to use -executionpolicy bypass -file "Powershell file path" inside the deploymentconfig.xml file. As we are enabling the execution policy while adding the package why we need to add -executionpolicy bypass -file "Powershell file path" inside the
    deploymentconfig.xml file? If we are writing only powershell file path without exection policy bypass inside the deploymentconfig.xml, we are seeing that powershell script is not able to run.

    Can you please help!!!

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