Pending Tasks in App-V 5.0 SP2

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CM 2012 SP1 CU1/R2 has full support for this feature

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mark, I haven’t tested a global repair however I can see why this might not be a desirable privilege to give in an RDS scenario. regarding pending tasks, these are really just for publish and unpublish commands.

  3. Bram Wolfs says:

    Hi Thamim,

    Great post as always, do you know why the UserPending and GlobalPending object properties stays False, even when the PendingTask is active in the registry. Do those properties serve another purpose?



  4. Thamim Karim says:

    Hi Bram,

    Thanks. These keys are actually not related to this feature directly. The UserPending and GlobalPending are used by Configuration Manager when trying to publish an upgrade for an App-V application that is currently in use.

  5. Nagarjuna says:

    I Thamim,

    I've a can i copy a file to user profile in App-v 5.0 ?

    My requirement is i have to copy a file to "c:usersnagarjunadocuments" before starting of virtual environment. is it possible to copy files to every users profile in App-v 5.0

  6. Dooley says:

    Does this require any kind of CM update to function ?

  7. Mark C says:

    Hi Thamim, Do you support a global repair on RDS? I was expecting to see some pending tasks keys but nothing was written and the repair did not execute for a an account other than the one that executed the command

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