The Basic Mechanics of a Publishing Refresh with App-V

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I am new to the AppV setup. We created a test environment, in which we had the Management Server, Publishing server and the SQL database on one virtual machine and the reporting server on a separate VIrtual machine ( we are doing this more as proof of concept) My question is, are hopes are assinging security groups for each package that we create, so if we create a 2007 XML notepad package, the security group would be be “AppV-xml2007” and whatever user that needed access to it would have that membership added to there AD account. I have noticed when I create a new security group, appv will not publish it for hours later. I am assuming that there is a setting in the management server somewhere, where I can change so that it will poll AD every hour or what have you? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! thanks

  2. Thamim Karim says:

    Hi Andy, There are controls around this as discussed here: UserRefreshEnabled Values: (0/1) Enables a publishing refresh
    for the user UserRefreshOnLogon Values: (0/1) Specifies whether or not a user refresh should be initiated at user logon UserRefreshInterval Values: (0-744) Specifies the frequency of the refresh with the publishing server, can be in days or hours as below
    UserRefreshIntervalUnit Values: (Hours(0) or Days (1)) Specifies the unit for the UserRefreshInterval setting

  3. Angel_PRU says:

    Always look forward to your posts, you do a great job and your blog is a true asset to the APP-V community.

    Quick question re: this post.  If the publishing server is up and running with no issues, the Management Server goes off-line in between the 10min cycle for a Publishing Server look-up for NEW content from Management Server, how does that impact the Publishing Server?  Will it continue to service publishing request from clients?

  4. Thamim Karim says:

    Ah thanks, appreciate your comment and glad you find the content useful!

    Regarding your question, in the event the Publishing Server is unable to contact the Management Server to check for a new metadata.xml it will simply continue to service client requests using the .xml it currently has.

  5. Ravindra Biradar says:

    @Thamin your posts really helps a lot. keep up the good work

  6. Andy Moss says:

    I was wondering how client package refresh is handled and didn’t realise it was via a scheduled task.
    Is there way this can be controlled via App-V powershell or group policy. it would make far more sense to have a setting that says check for updates every ‘xx’ after the user has logged on or just a registry setting (similar to the publishing server value).

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