0C80070057 – App-V 5.0 Error Code

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad this helped. This issue should no longer occur with SP2 sequencer and client.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Worked for me ! Thanks and happy new year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Adam – I have been unable to replicate this issue with Java EE SDK 6 Update 4: http://www.oracle.com/…/java-ee-sdk-6u3-jdk-6u29-downloads-523388.html Can you provide more information about what you distribution you are using?

    @Mark – No problems, it was your comments that helped me investigate this issue further, thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the feedback Nick!

  5. Adam Robinson says:

    I have been receiving this error when trying to package JDK 6.  This did not solve my problem though (there is no UserProgramFiles folder) 🙁

  6. Mark Van Noy says:

    This did solve my problem with R 3.0.0.  Thank you very much for the update to the original post.

  7. Adam Robinson says:

    I am using Java SE Development Kit 6u45 x64 available at:

    I figured out that if I set "C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_45" as the Primary Virtual Application Directory (also the default installation path), it does not seem to take correctly and my package doesn’t work and I get the error.  If i set the PVAD to say
    "C:JDK 6 (64-bit)" and install there it seems to work ok.  Also note that I am sequencing it as Middleware (not sure if that matters or not).

  8. Richard says:

    I ran into the same suggestion here: (social.technet.microsoft.com/…/appv-5-error-when-trying-to-import-a-package-0c80070057) and it certainly fixed the problem I was having.

  9. Same issue, different cause says:

    Same type errors, but I don't have a UserProgramFiles to delete. I hope this is fixed in SP2 and that SP2 is released soon. I can't see how these random malfunctions are acceptable at all. There should at least be a hotfix out by now. This actually works in our parallell SoftGrid 4.1 environment, but broke for App-V 5.

  10. Thamim Karim says:

    I understand this is definitely an annoying one! Can you check the package file system inside the package editor under VFS and compare this to what you see in the actual .appv, if you see any inconsistencies delete the files or folders from within the package editor and see if that fixes the issue.

    SP2 is not far away!

  11. Ryan Will says:

    Was having the same issue. Removing it from the VFS worked.


  12. NR says:

    Saved my head and the wall next to me :-). thanks Thamim. I wonder if you got to the bottom of it?

  13. minipam says:

    had the same issue for R-Studio removing the usersprogramfile let me receive the application

    (and see that it is not working under app-v 5.0 on a "pro" network with network access limitations but it's a another subject)

  14. Nick M. says:

    If it’s worth anything, on the SP1 sequencer, the UserProgramFiles was present in the VFS. Surprisingly I was able to still add it and publish it into my standalone server. However, when the client was trying to add locally, that’s when the error was found in the client events at that time.

    I also test sequenced with SP2 and observed the UserProgramFiles folder was not sequenced at all.

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Raj says:

    hi the error is "the specified application does not exit.check the name you specified and then try again"

  17. Raj says:

    hi the error is "the specified application does not exit.check the name you specified and then try again"

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