App-V 5 – Scripting and TargetInPackage

Hi all, The following post with go into detail about why an App-V script doesn’t run when launching an application, its related to how the App-V Sequencer captures an application. The first thing to note is that what I’m sequencing is an HTA Application which customers use and deliver to their users. A description of…


App-V 5 – Virtual Service subsystem failure 2A-00000436

Hi all, An error I came across recently was the following error message that’s presented to the user after launching an application. App-V 5.1 Client – 0x84000D2A-0x00000436 / 0x84000D2A-00000436 If you look in the event log you will see the following message: Process 68 failed to start due to Virtual Services subsystem failure. Package ID {3AAC90AC-7517-496E-A137-60301CB41ADC}….