App-V 5 Getting globally published packages

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I've been asked recently is there a way to get a list of the globally published packages without using the App-V 5 PowerShell cmdlets? Traditionally you would go into PowerShell and run the following command:

Get-AppvClientPackage -all | Where-Object { $_.IsPublishedGlobally -eq $true }

The result would look like this:


The question still stands is there a way to check for globally published packages without PowerShell? Well seeing as I'm talking about it the answer is Yes. The App-V Client writes information about Globally Published Packages to the registry on the machine. It's located in the following location:


If you open this location and browse the key list you we see a REG_DWORD for "Global" if it published globally:


For Packages that aren't Globally published the REG_DWORD isn't present in this location:


Now lets gather all the Packages on the machine that are Globally Published using a registry query. (Note: I'm still going to use PowerShell to run the query)

# Variables
$nodeName = "localhost"
$Machine = "Localmachine"
$MAV = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\MAV\Configuration\Packages"

# Opening Registry
$registry = [microsoft.win32.registrykey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey("$Machine",$nodeName)

$Configuration = $registry.OpenSubKey($MAV)
$Packages = $Configuration.GetSubKeyNames()


    foreach($Package in $Packages){

    $PGVG = $Package.Split("_")
    $PG = $PGVG[0]
    $VG = $PGVG[1]

    $ValueNames = $registry.OpenSubKey("$MAV\$Package")

    $Values = $ValueNames.GetValueNames()

        if($Values -contains "Global"){

        write-host "PackageGUID:"$PG
        Write-Host "VersionGUID:"$VG
        $PN = Get-AppvClientPackage -PackageId $PG -VersionId $VG -all | select Name
        $PName = $PN.Name
        write-host "PackageName:"$PN.Name

        Write-Host "Globally Published Package" -f Yellow

        $Value = $ValueNames.GetValue("Global").ToString()



Once you have run the above it will return the globally published packages without the App-V 5 PowerShell cmdlets.


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David Falkus | Senior Premier Field Engineer | Application Virtualization, PowerShell, Windows Shell

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