App-V 5 Application Launch Failure – 0x3E501405-0x90001

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In this post we're going to look at the following App-V error "The Application failed to launch - 0x3E501405-0x00090001". I'm sure many of you have seen this before when you launch an application, the first thought is what's causing it?


The first point of call is looking in the Event Log for App-V 5 and what you find in the Admin event log are the following messages, firstly "Content required by an application could not be retrieved from the network."


And then "Process failed to start due to the Virtual Filesystem subsystem failure." which has the error code from the initial message.


The first thing you need to do is translate the message into a meaningful format to start the debugging:

Code: 3E501405-00090001
Result: Error
Type: App-V
Module: Shared Components (05)
HRESULT: 0x00090001

If you want to debug a HRESULT you can use a tool which you can download from Microsoft which is ERR.EXE (Note: The link references Exchange 2007 but it can be used with any HRESULT returned from Windows)

The debug of the App-V error code doesn't really give anything away but if you look at first message it states the following:

"failed with error Not found (404)..  "

The App-V 5 client is returning a ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION which can also be seen on MSDN - and its correct the function to check the package path from the client fails so from here we need to test if the path to the package is valid and for that we can use a PowerShell command Test-Path -


The above screenshot has returned "False" which is the cause of the error, if the App-V Client can't find the path to the package and its not fully mounted then this error will occur, once the path is valid the application launches as expected.

Hope this helps in understanding this App-V Error code.

David Falkus | Senior Premier Field Engineer | Application Virtualization, PowerShell, Windows Shell

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