App-V 5 – Service failed to complete requested operation – 06-00000011

Hi all, I’ve worked with a few customers and they were receiving the following error code when running the “Get-AppvClientPackage” PowerShell cmdlet. Get-AppvClientPackage : Application Virtualization Service failed to complete requested operation. Operation attempted: Get Packages. AppV Error Code: 0600000011. Error module: Catalog. Internal error detail: 86B09F0600000011. Please consult AppV Client Event Log for more details….


App-V 5 – How does the Publishing Server Policies Path Work

Hi all, I’ve been asked this question a few times now how does the custom deployment and user configuration file apply when the App-V 5 client runs a “Sync-AppvPublishingServer”? For information about our Configuration files have a look at the following link: The package that I’m going to be working with to show the…


App-V 5 – User Registry Setting missing 06-0000000E

Hi all, Following on from a post I wrote about the 06-0000000E error code from a 4.x client, this error can also occur with App-V 5. What you will see when launching an Application is the following error message: And from PowerShell you will also see a similar error: What does this error code…


App-V 5 Getting globally published packages

Hi all, I’ve been asked recently is there a way to get a list of the globally published packages without using the App-V 5 PowerShell cmdlets? Traditionally you would go into PowerShell and run the following command: Get-AppvClientPackage -all | Where-Object { $_.IsPublishedGlobally -eq $true } The result would look like this: The question still…


App-V 5 WMI Usage

Hi All, Once you’ve installed the App-V 5 Client on a Windows Client or Server Operating System, what components of the Windows Platform is it actual using? There are multiple components that include: NTFS File System Registry WMI The NTFS file system has to be used so that you can add file system components i.e. Applications…


App-V 5 Operational Log Usage

Hi all, A lot of customers have asked me when would you use the App-V Operational Event log? If your troubleshooting App-V generally you would first look at the App-V Admin log and then look into the debug logs but what about the Operational log? Is it useful? If you open Event Viewer and browse to Applications…


App-V 5 Package Path Test

Hi all, Following on from app-v-5-application-launch-failure-0x3e501405-0x90001 what if you want to check all package on an App-V 5 client i.e. whether all package paths are valid? This is really important when your using “Shared Content Store” mode: If you look at the “Test-Path” cmdlet it states in the SYNOPSIS – “Determines whether all elements of a file…


App-V 5 Application Launch Failure – 0x3E501405-0x90001

Hi all, Welcome to the Virtual Shell blog, my name is David Falkus and I’m a Senior Premier Field Engineer based in the UK who specializes in Application Virtualization, PowerShell and the Windows Shell. In this post we’re going to look at the following App-V error “The Application failed to launch – 0x3E501405-0x00090001”. I’m sure many of you have…