Virtualization for Server Workloads: Avanade Case Study, NetApp Whitepaper

Our customers often deploy Microsoft server workloads, such as SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange, on Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center, and want to know how other customers have deployed these workloads and if there are deployment guidelines from specific solution partners that can help optimize for scale and business continuity. A case in point is… Read more

Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool v2.1

Virtualization affects how we plan, build, deploy, operate, and service workloads.  Customers are creating large libraries of virtual machines containing various configurations.  The patch-state of these virtual machines are not always known.  Ensuring that offline virtual machines are properly patched and won’t become vulnerable the instant they come online is critical.    I am therefore… Read more

Guest Post: All Eyes on SteelEye with DataKeeper Support for Hyper-V

Hi all, My name is Dave Bermingham and I’m the director of Windows product management for SteelEye Technology, a provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. I’d like to thank Microsoft’s Virtualization team for the opportunity to guest blog on SteelEye’s continued support for Hyper-V as well as exciting new features coming in support… Read more

Re: Windows Server 2008 SP2 Hyper-V

Hi Isaac Roybal here. I’m a technical product manager on the Windows Server team covering Hyper-V.   It’s been 3 weeks since the release of Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and we’re seeing great adoption. From a Hyper-V point of view, we’re excited because the final Hyper-V release is an integrated feature in… Read more

Trying to achieve granularity of backups with the Hyper-V VSS Writer

Another area of feedback on the Hyper-V VSS Writer is that it does not give much by way of granularity beyond the level of the virtual machine. As a result of that, backup applications are stuck to backing up the entire VHD file, which could easily end up being a rather onerous process, expesially if the… Read more

Working around the pass through limitations of the Hyper-V VSS Writer

While the Hyper-V VSS writer provides backup admins significant flexibility in their ability to back up VMs in an application-consistent way while running backup applications in the physical machine, it does have a prominent limitation when it comes to VMs with pass-through storage. The VSS Writer excludes pass-through storage from the set of items to… Read more