How to Use Resource Metering With PowerShell

Hey, it’s Lalithra again. In the last part, we talked about what resource metering is. Now, we’ll get into how to use it with PowerShell. A quick note: if this is your first foray into PowerShell, here are some resources you may find helpful to go through. First, a couple of posts from the Scripting… Read more

Types of failover operations in Hyper-V Replica – Part I – Test Failover

If you are wondering “I have enabled replication and it looks like everything is in progress, but how do I know that I am truly protected”, then keep reading the next few posts as we walk you through the various types of failover, how and when to use them and the gotchas in different deployments…. Read more

Windows Server 8: Standards-Based Storage Management

Take a look at Jeffrey Snover’s blog post, Distinguished Engineer and Lead Architect for Window Server, where he discusses standards-based storage management in the next release of Windows Server codenamed “Windows Server 8”. Read Jeffrey’s post on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform blog…. Read more

Microsoft Path to the Private Cloud Contest: Day 2, Question 2

Yesterday we kicked off the “Microsoft Path to the Private Cloud” Contest, read official rules.  Today we have another Xbox to give away, so see below for second question in the series of three for the day. A reminder on how the contest works: We’ll be posting three (3) questions related to Microsoft’s virtualization, system… Read more

Microsoft Path to the Private Cloud: Day 2, Question 1

Yesterday we kicked off the “Microsoft Path to the Private Cloud” Contest, read official rules.  As of the posting of this blog, we still have not received a tweet with the winning answers.  That means there are still two Xboxes on the table. But we’re keeping things moving and today is the final day of… Read more

Customers Reap Benefits from Comprehensive Cloud Approach

Take a look at  Brad Anderson’s, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, perspective on Microsoft’scloud computing strategy, our private cloud solutions and the economics of those solutions versus VMware. Click here to read more…. Read more


Virtualization Nation, The last few weeks have been buzzing with virtualization news. Just two examples are the Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Sneak Peek at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) and VMware’s creation of the Memory vTax. WPC: A Sneak Peek at Windows Server “8” Hyper-V At WPC, I participated in a keynote and got… Read more

Make the Most of Your WPC Experience

The 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is kicking off today, and with over 12,000 attendees expected, it promises to be an exciting event. The Server and Cloud team at Microsoft has been working furiously over the last few months to make this a successful event for our partners. Over the next few days, our… Read more

Microsoft a Leader in x86 Server Virtualization

Great news to share with our virtualization blog readers – Gartner published the 2011 Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure, in which Microsoft is listed among the leaders, along with Citrix and VMware. Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of the Management & Security Division, discusses how Gartner’s results are changing the conversation with… Read more

What to expect in the System Center Orchestrator Beta!

Hi everyone Today at TechEd North America we disclosed a lot of information about, and took System Center Orchestrator for a spin in it’s first public outing! I have posted an article over on the Orchestrator Blog site with the details about the Beta and what to expect. You can view the article here… Read more