VMWare figures out that virtualization is an OS feature

Every now and again, we like to use this forum to provide commentary and context on happenings in the industry. Today’s news from Waltham, Mass. and Palo Alto, Calif. is a good example. On the one hand, there’s a Microsoft competitor. On the other hand, there’s a Microsoft partner (see today’s joint webcast). And if… Read more

Linux Integration Services v2.1 Release Candidate Now Available

In March, we had announced the beta release of the Linux Integration Services for Microsoft Hyper-V, which added support for SMP-based virtual machines, timesync, and integrated shutdown. Today we’re announcing the release candidate (RC) version of the integration services. In addition to the features that were present in the beta release, the following features have… Read more

Linux ICs for Hyper-V and GPLv2

A funny thing happened on the way to work this morning … the Hyper-V Linux integration components (ICs) appeared in Greg Kroah-Hartman’s tree (aka, the Linux Driver Project) of the Linux community. This is the first time Microsoft is contributing code to the Linux kernel; see the Q&A announcement here. The Hyper-V Linux device drivers will… Read more

Microsoft and Red Hat Cooperative Technical Support

Hi, I’m Mike Neil, general manager of virtualization at Microsoft. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, but today’s post is worth a read. Ever since we released Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and Terminal Services, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and Microsoft App-V 4.5 last year, customers and partners have been getting huge… Read more

Thoughts on today’s virtualization licensing and support news

Today we announced some changes to server application licensing and support policies related to running MS server apps on top of anyone’s hypervisor. Several folks have written or blogged about it, here are some: Chris Wolf (Burton Group) Virtualization.info NetworkWorld Windows IT Pro  Thoughts on application mobility licensing As of Sept. 1, 41 Microsoft server… Read more

Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Daniel asked about the Linux integration components for Hyper-V. They’ve now reached RC2 status, according to Mike Sterling, and are available from http://connect.microsoft.com/ Hang on – did you say RC2?   Due to customer feedback from the beta version, we added a couple of additional features.     ·         Mouse Support: Support for the synthetic mouse… Read more

Virtualization and Interoperability

Two weeks ago three members of the interoperability Vendor Alliance were in Redmond to test the interoperability capabilities of their virtualization technologies. Citrix, Novell and Sun tested some interoperability scenarios with us here at Microsoft that aim to prove how interoperability is possible on heterogeneous environments where customers are running virtualized environment on multiple platforms…. Read more