Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Architecture Brief

So you heard about the Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track program and wonder … what exactly is it? Is it marketecture or is there some meat to it? What do these “pre-architected, pre-validated” solutions consist of, and how were those decisions arrived at? What was the architecture and validation methodology? Well my friend, this post is… Read more

VMWare figures out that virtualization is an OS feature

Every now and again, we like to use this forum to provide commentary and context on happenings in the industry. Today’s news from Waltham, Mass. and Palo Alto, Calif. is a good example. On the one hand, there’s a Microsoft competitor. On the other hand, there’s a Microsoft partner (see today’s joint webcast). And if… Read more

Guest post: "Setting the Record Straight – 9 Reasons Why Hyper-V is a Great Choice for Enterprises"

Hi, my name is Chris Steffen, architect with Kroll Factual Data. You may have read one of my prior guest posts.   Recently, I came across an InformationWeek Analytics Weblog that asserted a bunch of half truths and misinformation about Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization solution. Usually, I can just let it go (everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, right?), but… Read more

Big news: Microsoft and HP team up to move IT forward

This morning Microsoft and HP announced a three-year, $250 million agreement to jointly deliver a new infrastructure-to-application model, advance cloud computing and generally reduce the costs and complexities of IT.      The press release, executive videos and other information about the agreement are available here.   This is a big commitment on the part… Read more

Microsoft and Red Hat Complete Cooperative Technical Support

Hi, I’m Mike Neil, general manager of Windows Server and Server Virtualization. Back in February we announced our work with Red Hat to enable cooperative technical support for virtualized environments. I’m excited to announce we’ve completed certification in each others’ programs! Customers now can deploy Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a… Read more

Guest Post: All Eyes on SteelEye with DataKeeper Support for Hyper-V

Hi all, My name is Dave Bermingham and I’m the director of Windows product management for SteelEye Technology, a provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. I’d like to thank Microsoft’s Virtualization team for the opportunity to guest blog on SteelEye’s continued support for Hyper-V as well as exciting new features coming in support… Read more

CentOS, OpenSUSE & More Linux Distros on Hyper-V R2!

Virtualization Nation, Just a couple of weeks ago, we surprised a few folks by contributing over 20,000 lines of source code to the Linux kernel under GPL V2. Here are some quotes from the announcement: Our work in this area is all about providing more flexibility and choice, and requests from our customers and partners… Read more

Too many Virtual Iron customers in the fire?

With the recent announcement by Oracle to stop Virtual Iron development and sales, the past few weeks have certainly been eventful for Virtual Iron customers.  A related announcement came out from VMware about a program to offer Virtual Iron customers discounts to move over.  But a closer look at the VMware offer shows some serious… Read more

Microsoft at VMworld Europe 2009

VMworld Europe’s tagline this year is “virtually anything is possible”. Kinda reminds me of Mike’s blog post on Monday about Red Hat. And for many IT pros, “virtually anything is possible” might apply to the fact that Microsoft is exhibiting at, and sponsoring, VMworld Europe for the second year in a row. Tres bien, as they say in Cannes…. Read more

Microsoft and EMC renew their (virtualization) vows

Big happenings in NYC yesterday as SteveB and EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci met with a room-full of IT execs to talk about an extended 3-year alliance. The announcement is here. In short, the companies are going to work more closely together in the areas of data loss prevention, collaboration and virtualization. What’s that you say?… Read more