From 2010 to 2011: Walking the Cloud Talk

My colleague David Greschler wrote a blog post for David Marshall’s blog, VM Blog. DavidGr’s blog post is part of a series this month on VM Blog where vendor representatives write about 2011 predictions and looking ahead. See DavidGr’s post here. Following is an excerpt: 2010 was the year of the cloud. We saw some massive changes across the… Read more

Guest post: Storage Loves Dynamic Memory

Hi, I’m Alex Miroshnichenko, chief technology officer of Virsto Software. One of the most exciting events of my summer was the announcement of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Though still in beta, SP1’s stability has lived up to production standards in Virsto’s test labs. SP1 brings Dynamic Memory to Microsoft Hyper-V. … Read more

Guest post: EMC and Microsoft Think Big

Hi, I’m Adrian Simays, Hyper-V technical architect at EMC. EMC and Microsoft have been thinking big lately.  How big?  We’ve set out to build and test one of the largest Hyper-V environments in the world.  And why not?  With the release of Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft introduced features such as clustered shared volumes (CSVs)… Read more

Guest post: NetApp and Microsoft See Virtualization Success Together

Hi, I’m Friea Berg from NetApp’s Virtualization Solutions team. Today, I’d like to share how Microsoft and NetApp have been helping customers get the most out of their virtualized infrastructure. Microsoft is a leader in applications, Windows, and management while NetApp leads in highly efficient and flexible storage. By integrating our solutions and joining forces, we provide… Read more

RT: Partners Support Microsoft RemoteFX

Today Max Herrmann (who posted on this site on March 18) posted a blog that calls out software and hardware partners’ stated intentions to support Microsoft RemoteFX. You can read Max’s post on the RDS blog. Here’s an excerpt: Today, I am very happy to confirm that the following hardware and software companies, among others, have engaged… Read more

Guest post: Intel discusses iSCSI and 1 million IOPs

Hi, I’m Jordan Plawner, storage networking product planner from Intel. Today I’m doing a recap of the Intel Server and Ethernet Adapters and Windows 2008 R2 1m iSCSI IOPs announcement and HyperV performance webcast.  The number of comments and ongoing discussions by end users have been impressive.  There were two themes that ran through the blog… Read more

Guest post: "Setting the Record Straight – 9 Reasons Why Hyper-V is a Great Choice for Enterprises"

Hi, my name is Chris Steffen, architect with Kroll Factual Data. You may have read one of my prior guest posts.   Recently, I came across an InformationWeek Analytics Weblog that asserted a bunch of half truths and misinformation about Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization solution. Usually, I can just let it go (everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, right?), but… Read more

Big news: Microsoft and HP team up to move IT forward

This morning Microsoft and HP announced a three-year, $250 million agreement to jointly deliver a new infrastructure-to-application model, advance cloud computing and generally reduce the costs and complexities of IT.      The press release, executive videos and other information about the agreement are available here.   This is a big commitment on the part… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V iSCSI Performance Webcast

My friend and teammate Jim Schwartz on our Virtualization Solutions Marketing Team has asked me to post this entry about a very exciting webcast coming up, but he can describe it much better than me…   Hi, I’m Jim Schwartz, a director of virtualization solutions marketing with Microsoft in Redmond.   Over the past year we’ve seen more… Read more