Replicate Azure Pack IaaS Workloads to Azure using ASR

A few months back, we announced Azure Site Recovery (ASR)’s integration with Azure Pack, which enabled our Service Providers to start offering Managed Disaster Recovery for IaaS Workloads using ASR and Azure Pack. The response, since we announced the integration, has been phenomenal – customers are appreciating the simplicity of ASR and are adopting ASR… Read more

Announcing the GA of Disaster Recovery to Azure using Azure Site Recovery

I am excited to announce the GA of the Disaster Recovery to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. In addition to enabling replication to and recovery in Microsoft Azure, ASR enables automated protection of VMs, remote health monitoring, no-impact recovery plan testing, and single click orchestrated recovery – all backed by an enterprise-grade SLA. The DR to Azure… Read more

Networking 101 for Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure using Site Recovery

Getting the networking requirements right is a critical piece in ensuring Disaster Recovery readiness of your business critical workloads.  When an administrator evaluates the disaster recovery capabilities that she needs for her application(s), she needs to think through and develop a robust networking infrastructure that ensures that the application is accessible to end users once it has… Read more

Out-of-band Initial Replication (OOB IR) and Deduplication

A recent conversation with a customer brought out the question:   What is the best way to create an entire Replica site from scratch? At the surface this seems simple enough – configure initial replication to send the data over the network for the VMs one after another in sequence. For this specific customer however, there… Read more

Azure Site Recovery – case of the “network connection failure”

Luís Caldeira is one of our early adopters who had pinged us with an interesting error. Thanks for reaching out to us Luís and sharing the details of your setup. I am sure this article will come handy to folks who hit this error at some point. Some days back, Luís sent us a mail… Read more

Azure Site Recovery – FAQ

Quick post to clarify some frequently asked questions on the newly announced Azure Site Recovery service which enables you to protect your Hyper-V VMs to Microsoft Azure. The FAQ will not address every feature capability – it should help you get started.Q1: Did you just change the name from Hyper-V Recovery Manager to Azure Site… Read more

Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure – Part 2

  Continuing from the previous blog – check out the recent TechEd NA 2014 talk @ which includes a cool demo of this product. Love it??? Talk about it, try it and share your comments. Let’s retrace the journey – in Jan 2014, we announced the General Availability of Hyper-V Recovery Manager (HRM). HRM … Read more

TechEd North America 2014

This year TechEd North America is happening between 12 May and 15 May, at Houston. There are some interesting sessions around Backup and Disaster Recovery – so I would highly encourage you all to attend these sessions and interact with the folks presenting. Sessions on May 12 Sessions on May 15   Looking forward to… Read more

Types of failover operations in Hyper-V Replica–Part III – Unplanned Failover

In the first two parts of this 3-part series, you learnt about Test Failover (TFO) and Planned Failover (PFO). In this closing part of the series, I will talk about unplanned failover and summarize the differences of these 3. 1. What is Unplanned Failover? Unplanned Failover is an operation initiated on the replica VM when… Read more

Types of failover operations in Hyper-V Replica–Part II – Planned Failover

In the first part of this 3-part series, you learnt about Test Failover. In this part, I will talk about the Planned Failover (PFO). 1. What is Planned Failover? PFO is an operation initiated on the primary VM which allows you to do an e2e validation of your recovery plan. PFO requires the VM to… Read more