Virtualization Nation, The last few weeks have been buzzing with virtualization news. Just two examples are the Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Sneak Peek at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) and VMware’s creation of the Memory vTax. WPC: A Sneak Peek at Windows Server “8” Hyper-V At WPC, I participated in a keynote and got… Read more

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Architecture Brief

So you heard about the Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track program and wonder … what exactly is it? Is it marketecture or is there some meat to it? What do these “pre-architected, pre-validated” solutions consist of, and how were those decisions arrived at? What was the architecture and validation methodology? Well my friend, this post is… Read more

Go vote

The savvy editors of NetworkWorld chose 3 weeks before VMworld 2010 conference to publish an online tech debate between Microsoft and VMware. The topic: who has the better virtualization platform. The editorial summary reads: VMware is the kingpin of virtualization, but the game is changing fast and Microsoft is baking the technology into the very… Read more

RT: Opalis Software Availability and Roadmap News

Louise Johns blogged about software availability and roadmap news for the Opalis software we acquired in December. Since all of you care about systems management as much as virtualization, I wanted to make sure you saw Louise’s post. Here’s some excerpts: We have started the process of sending notifications of the grant of Opalis software… Read more

Big news: Microsoft and HP team up to move IT forward

This morning Microsoft and HP announced a three-year, $250 million agreement to jointly deliver a new infrastructure-to-application model, advance cloud computing and generally reduce the costs and complexities of IT.      The press release, executive videos and other information about the agreement are available here.   This is a big commitment on the part… Read more

Microsoft and Red Hat Complete Cooperative Technical Support

Hi, I’m Mike Neil, general manager of Windows Server and Server Virtualization. Back in February we announced our work with Red Hat to enable cooperative technical support for virtualized environments. I’m excited to announce we’ve completed certification in each others’ programs! Customers now can deploy Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a… Read more

Strong end to end management required for Virtualization to be successful (VMworld day 2)

I am pleased that it is being acknowledged by VMware (evidenced by their keynote announcements yesterday on the vCenter additions) that for a strong virtualization platform a complete end-to-end solution is required. We agree completely!! We at Microsoft provide solutions for configuration/change management, operational/health monitoring, virtual machine management and data protection and have been doing… Read more

Update: What you won’t see at VMworld 2009

This post is for the readers out there that will be attending VMworld, or have colleagues attending VMworld.   There’s been some speculative statements made in the press and blogs in the past 24 hours, so I want to try to set the record straight: 1.       Microsoft will be exhibiting at VMworld 2009. Can’t wait!… Read more

What you won’t see at VMworld 2009 – a demo of SCVMM 2008 R2

Ordinarily it’d be great news that we RTM’d System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 ahead of schedule, so close to the RTM of WS08 R2 Hyper-V and one week before VMworld conference. You can’t beat the timing of it all. And the ~10,000 beta testers of SCVMM08 R2 are a big part of why we were… Read more

SCVMM and VMware ESX management

The threat of virtualization sprawl. That was a theme my colleagues heard last week at IDC’s “Directions” conference in San Jose. And true to IDC’s form, they backed up their predictions with some numbers. Here’s an excerpt from one article: Virtualization has often been seen as something of a magic bullet to this problem, promising to… Read more