Linux integration components for Hyper-V RC now available!

Virtualization Nation, The virtualization team is pleased to announce the release of the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V RC! These components provide compatibility with the recent Hyper-V RC release. You can obtain the Linux Integration Components via the Microsoft Connect site. Cheers, -Jeff Integration Components for Linux available through 1. Login to 2…. Read more

Hyper-V manager mmc now available!

Last week we announced the Hyper-V Release Candidate and a week later, we’re back again. This week, we’re happy to provide the Hyper-V Manager MMC (RC release as well) for Vista SP1 (x86 & x64). What this allows you to do is install the Hyper-V Manager MMC on Vista SP1 (yes, it requires SP1) which… Read more


Virtualization Nation, Things are really busy at Microsoft with regard to virtualization. In just a few months, we’ve released the Hyper-V Beta, announced the Calista acquisition in January, announced the Kidaro acquisition in March, and we’re back with more. Today, we are pleased to announce the Hyper-V Release Candidate! So, what’s new in Hyper-V RC?… Read more

Kidaro to be added to Microsoft’s desktop virtualization products

So we just announced the intent to acquire Kidaro, a desktop virtualization vendor based in Silicon Valley and with R&D in Israel. Kidaro entered the desktop virtualization management market nearly 17 months ago with their Kidaro Managed Workspace product. With this acquisition, Kidaro’s product will lead to new capabilities within Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for customers… Read more

VMworld Europe 2008 – stay safe today

Day 2 began with Dr. Mendel Rosenblum’s keynote, which Alessandro outlined here. And the security pat-down to get through the door foreshadowed the latter portion of Mendel’s keynote, which focused on a new security initiative by VMware. Called VMsafe, this initiative allows security software vendors (like McAfee – maybe even Microsoft Forefront one day) to write their anti-malware… Read more

VMworld Europe 2008 – Virtual and Physical Management

This is the 4th VMworld conference that I’m attending representing Microsoft. And it’s the first time I’ve heard/seen acknowledgment from VMware that if virtualization isn’t everywhere (which it’s not) then management of the non-VM layer is important. This acknowledgement came via HP and their participation in the Day 1 keynote. VMware realizes that a highly instrumented and… Read more

VMworld Europe 2008 – will cost be a factor?

We’ll be a gold sponsor at VMworld Europe next week. I’m part of the crew headed to Cannes (along with Jeff Woolsey and Mike Neil and others) to meet with customers, partners, bloggers. We’ll demo Hyper-V beta, SCVMM 2007, Terminal Services (Windows Server 2008 has RTM’d after all) and SoftGrid app virtualization. If you’re attending the… Read more

Hyper-V Extensibility and APIs…

Virtualization Nation, It’s been a while since my last post (sorry about that), but ever since we released the Hyper-V Beta a few months ago, the feedback over Hyper-V is off the charts. We’re glad that folks are able to easily evaluate Hyper-V and thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Keep it coming! (BTW: In… Read more

Calista joins the Microsoft virtualization product lineup

Hi, my name is Neal Margulis, and I am the founder of Calista Technologies, the developers of a unique desktop virtualization solution that dramatically enhances the end user experience with virtualized desktops. Today is an exciting day for me as we are announcing the company’s joining forces with Microsoft.  My personal background is years of… Read more

Managing VMware

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading Rakesh’s post on why the System Center team decided to build out V2 of SCVMM so that customers can manage VMware ESX Server and VI3. Here’s an excerpt: Flexibility in Hypervisors with a single management solution – As I said above, we feel very confident that our hypervisor provides the best platform in… Read more