Announcing GA of Disaster Recovery to Azure – Purpose-Built for Branch Offices and SMB

Today, we are excited to announce the GA for Branch Office and SMB Disaster Recovery to Azure.  Azure Site Recovery delivers a simpler, reliable & cost effective Disaster Recovery solution to Branch Office and SMB customers.  ASR with new Hyper-V Virtual Machine Protection from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Microsoft Azure can now be used… Read more

Integration components: How we determine Windows Update applicability

Last week we began distributing integration components through Windows Update.  In the November rollup, integration components were made available to Windows Server 2012/2008R2 virtual machines along with Windows 8/7 virtual machines running on Windows Technical Preview hosts. Ben wrote a great blog post outlining how to update the integration components. Using Windows Update to apply… Read more

Hyper-V integration components are available through Windows Update

Starting in Windows Technical Preview, Hyper-V integration components will be delivered directly to virtual machines using Windows Update. Integration components (also called integration services) are the set of synthetic drivers which allow a virtual machine to communicate with the host operating system.  They control services ranging from time sync to guest file copy.  We’ve been… Read more

Announcing the GA of Disaster Recovery to Azure using Azure Site Recovery

I am excited to announce the GA of the Disaster Recovery to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. In addition to enabling replication to and recovery in Microsoft Azure, ASR enables automated protection of VMs, remote health monitoring, no-impact recovery plan testing, and single click orchestrated recovery – all backed by an enterprise-grade SLA. The DR to Azure… Read more

Networking 101 for Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure using Site Recovery

Getting the networking requirements right is a critical piece in ensuring Disaster Recovery readiness of your business critical workloads.  When an administrator evaluates the disaster recovery capabilities that she needs for her application(s), she needs to think through and develop a robust networking infrastructure that ensures that the application is accessible to end users once it has… Read more

Azure Site Recovery: Data Security and Privacy

Microsoft is committed to ensuring the Privacy and Security of our customer’s data whenever it crosses on-premises boundaries and into Microsoft Azure. Azure Site Recovery, a cloud-based Disaster Recovery Service that enables protection and orchestrated recovery of your virtualized workloads across on-premises private clouds or directly into Azure, has been designed ground up to align… Read more

Share your feedback!

Are you a System Administrator or Security Analyst? Would you like to influence the future of securing your virtualized infrastructure? If this sounds interesting to you, Microsoft Windows Server and cloud management Program Managers would like to hear from you. Please complete this short survey that will help identify your specific areas of interest and… Read more

Migrate Windows Server 2012R2 Virtualized Workloads to Microsoft Azure with Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery not only enables a low-cost, high-capability, CAPEX-saving, and OPEX-optimizing Disaster Recovery strategy for your IT Infrastructure, it can also help you quickly and easily spin-off additional development and testing environments or migrate on-premise virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. For customers who want a unified solution that reduces downtime of their production workloads… Read more

ExpressRoute + ASR = Efficient DR solution

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure ExpressRoute which enabled our customers to create a private connection between their on-premises to Microsoft Azure. This ensured that the data to Azure used an alternate path to the internet where a connection to Azure could be established through an Exchange Provider or through a Network Service Provider…. Read more

Azure Site Recovery adds InMage Scout to Its Portfolio for Any Virtual and Physical Workload Disaster Recovery

Azure Site Recovery with Hyper-V Replica already supports the ability to set up disaster recovery between your two Windows Server 2012+ Hyper-V data centers, or between your Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V data center and Microsoft Azure. Recently we acquired InMage Systems Inc., an innovator in the emerging area of cloud-based business continuity. InMage offers… Read more