Delivering business value with an app-centric approach to Private Cloud

Hear more from Edwin Yuen, Director of Cloud and Virtualization Strategy, about Microsoft’s approach to private cloud and how that differs from VMware’s:

Yesterday in his keynote, Paul Maritz’s said VMware’s “heart” is in infrastructure.  He also talked a lot about VMware’s focus on the cloud.  Well, if your heart is in infrastructure (read: virtualization), and you’re focused on the cloud, we think that leads to a virtualization-focused approach to cloud.
At Microsoft our approach to private cloud delivers business value through a focus on the application, not the infrastructure. And, we believe economics is a fundamental benefit of cloud – it is one that customers should benefit from, not just us.
VMware’s private cloud solution reflects that infrastructure/virtualization heart, and that heart beats pretty loudly in their licensing – which is per-vm and per product.  So, as your cloud grows, and density increases, your costs grow – right along with it.  That doesn’t seem very cloud friendly to me – especially when a VMware private cloud solution can cost 4 to nearly 10 times more than a comparable Microsoft private cloud solution.  If you’d like to take a look at the research behind these numbers take a look at the new whitepaper my team just published.

Your cloud, on your terms, built for the future, ready now – take a look & let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Edwin Yuen