DPM for data backup/recovery of virtualized apps and environments

We want to congratulate the Microsoft Storage Solutions team for releasing Service Pack 1 for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.


SP1 for DPM 2007 brings some great new capabilities for protecting Hyper-V environments.  Most notably, of course, is the ability to protect guests within Hyper-V environments, often without downtime (for those guests running a Windows operating system that supports VSS).  Also new for DPM with SP1 is the ability to run the DPM server on the Hyper-V host itself, so that the DPM server can protect the guests from the host viewpoint, within the same physical server – to disk, to tape and even to the cloud. 

And unlike other (shall-not-be-named) virtualization platforms’ backup mechanisms, DPM does not require a SAN and does not require 3rd party backup software or add-ons.  It’s an all Microsoft backup and recovery solution for Microsoft’s virtualization platform.

For more details on the SP1 release for DPM 2007, check out:

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The DPM folks have dedicated resources on “How to protect virtualized environments with DPM 2007” – http://www.microsoft.com/DPM/virtualization. And a very cool podcast showing how to protect Hyper-V with DPM 2007 SP1 – http://edge.technet.com/Media/DPM-2007-SP1-Protecting-Hyper-V


Congrats to the DPM crew – and nice job on backing up Hyper-V !!!