Videos to watch: Mark Russinovich; Virt and cloud computing panel

Before I start hunkering down for what’s supposed to be a snowy weekend in Redmond, and without college football on TV, I wanted to pass along a couple videos that are worth a watch.First, TechTarget interviewed Mark Russinovich, technical follow, about Windows 7, WS08 R2, virtualization and Vista. It’s about 8 minutes long. You can watch Mark’s interview here.

Second, this week Mike Neil, GM of virtualization, hosted a live meeting to discuss virtualization and cloud computing. Joining Mike was Dominic Foster, CTO of web hoster MaximumASP, and Deepak Patil, GM within Microsoft Global Foundation Services, which hosts the Windows Azure Services platform. You’ll see slides and hear them talk and answer some Q&As in 45 minutes. You can access the playback here (log-in required).

And if online videos aren’t of interest, I’ll point out that Mike Neil recently submitted his 2009 predictions to David Marshall over at