Guest post: – Saving Energy While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Costs in the Process

Green, Sustainability, and Environment – what does this have to do with virtualization? Quite simply virtualization technologies can help you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce energy, reduce cooling, and of course save some money as well. 


Today we’re announcing the release of a set of tools available at designed to help you and your organization quantify the environmental and cost savings benefits available through some of Microsoft’s virtualization technologies.  At the site you will be able to build a simple environmental savings report for server virtualization projects you are considering and access a set of tools, including a deeper scenario-based ROI analysis and infrastructure assessment that can help you get started on realizing that value.


Check it out now:


Many of our customers have already been able to translate their implementation of virtualization technologies into the reduction of their CO2 emissions by cutting down on energy and cooling usage. We are showcasing a number of case studies for customers that have done this such as Banque de Luxembourg and Kentucky Department of Education at and we will continue to update this library with new examples from various industries.


If you’ve already used virtualization technologies to drive “green” benefits in IT, please visit and share your own virtualization story. This is a great opportunity for you to help others understand “what is possible” and contribute to the benefits of virtualization in reducing environmental footprints.


Thank you


Adam Bogobowicz

Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft

Windows Server Group