Virtualization Feed for Your RSS Reader

With a “tip of the cap” to creators of Planet V12n blog, we’ve just launched a blog and Twitter aggregator for virtualization. It’s called VirtualizationFeed. Like Planet V12n, this site aggregates virtualization blogs from lots of sources. In this case, 18 independent bloggers and 14 Microsoft bloggers on either TechNet or MSDN. I’m sure you’ll recognize many of the names/blogs … and maybe you’ll discover new ones. For example:

The blog aggregator will show a short (200-character) excerpt from the blog and point you to the blogger’s site for the full post.

In addition to blogs, you’ll see a tab for Tweets. is also a Twitter aggregator (supplements the use of Twitter’s useful search tool) that pulls all virtualization-related tweets.

I’m told that someone is working on a Vista gadget so that you can view the blog aggregator’s RSS feed from your desktop. I’ll post the download link once the gadget is available. Otherwise it’s self explanatory. Check it out.