WinHEC 2006 Presentation slides are available online

The Microsoft WinHEC 2006 presentation slides are now available to view online under the WHDC (Windows Hardware Developer Central) area on The Windows Virtualization related sessions are near the bottom of the page and are listed below for reference.

Device Virtualization Architecture  
How to Use the WMI Interfaces with Windows Virtualization
HyperCall APIs Explained
Hypervisor, Virtualization Stack, and Device Virtualization Architectures
I/O Memory Management Hardware goes Mainstream
Inside Microsoft’s Network and Storage VSP/VSC
Intel Virtualization Technology: Strategy and Evolution
Microsoft Server Virtualization Strategy and Virtual Hard Disk Directions
PCIe Address Translation Services and I/O Virtualization
Windows Virtualization Best Practices and Future Hardware Directions
Windows Virtualization: Scenarios and Features
Windows Virtualization: Strategy and Roadmap

John Howard
Program Manager
Windows Virtualization.