Windows Azure Pack – Subscription Active (Out of Sync)

I recently assisted with a Distributed installation of Windows Azure Pack (WAP). For those of us that are not familiar with the different installation methods, here is a quick break down:

Express Installation - This type of installation should only be used in test and development environments. An Express installation allows you to install all of the WAP roles on a single server. This method is NOT supported in a production environment

Distributed installation - This method requires you to install the WAP roles on separate servers. The entry level installation using this method requires 8 servers (physical or virtual). This method is supported in production. Below is a list of the 8 roles (7 of which are installed using the Web Platform Installer (WPI)) that make up an installation of WAP.

1. Microsoft SQL Server for Windows Azure Pack management databases
2. Admin API
3. Tenant API
4. Tenant public API
5. Admin authentication site
6. Tenant authentication site
7. Admin site (management portal for administrators)
8. Tenant site (management portal for tenants)

For more information see:

Although the above information is useful, the reason for writing this post was to add further publicity to an issue we experienced during the installation.

Once we had completed the installation, we registered SPF in WAP and created a User Account. We then continued to create a Plan for a Cloud that we had created in VMM. When it came to adding the Plan to the User Account, as a Subscription. The Subscription status remained in "Active (Out of Sync)", which meant that we were unable to deploy VMs using this account and subscription. After a bit of effort it was highlighted that in order to over come this issue, we had to install VMM 2012 R2 Rollup 1 ( As part of the installation you must also ensure that you run the SQL query included in the KB, otherwise the problem will persist.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Recently been playing around with Azure Pack in my lab and came across the issue of assigned subscriptions

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