Cutting through the FUD: Facts you should know about Hyper-V and System Center

For those who follow this blog, you have noticed that the blog is much more about Microsoft Virtualization and why you should use it and less about what is negative with the competition.  While I do write and make comparisons with VMware, my goal is to promote Microsoft Virtualization.  Still, when I meet users and…


Great Technical Resources for Hyper-V: How to get started and find advanced configurations

I wanted to highlight a couple new resources that are available for Hyper-V.  The first is an amazing update to the Hyper-V Technical Information and Resources page on TechNet.  There is great information for Hyper-V including: Installation Guides Deployment and Performance Guidance Deployment Guides Planning and Pre-deployment Tools Management Tools Workload Specific Guides, including Sharepoint,…


Hyper-V Case Study – PEAB

I’ve been highlighting Microsoft case studies recently because they do such a great job of showcasing tangible benefits from using Microsoft virtualization. Highlighting more real-world examples is something that a lot of you have been asking for when I meet you at shows and meeting.  I just saw another one that is definitely worth a…


Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V earns Common Criteria Certification

There’s been a lot of great news out lately on Hyper-V but I want to highly an important security related item.  Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V has just received Common Criteria Certification at EAL 4+ assurance.  This certification is vital for many virtualization users, especially government agencies).  You can access the PDF of the certification document…


Free tools from Microsoft for Green IT

I’m back from the holiday weekend.  I saw this great post on a number of free tools we make available here at Microsoft, to make things easier for IT. Ther eare some security tools, Virtualization assessment tools, and a site dedicated to Green IT. They are free to use and download so give it…


Security Considerations with Virtualization

I think this article asks some good questions about how to implement security in Virtualization and whether small code means more security.  


Virtualization and Cloud Key to Future IT

This is another great article that goes into the role that virtualization plays in future IT.  Thomas Bittman from Gartner and others really get into not just the importance of Virtualization and Cloud in IT but also why it’s important to use them properly.  Virtualization, like any other technology, needs to be properly implemented…


Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Virtualization

I saw this article a couple weeks ago  and I wanted to highlight it because it really addresses issues that most people forget, the non-technical areas that drive a virtualization deployment.  I think that often there is a little too much focus on the technology and not enough on the implementation, such as integration…