Guest Blog: How AMD and Microsoft Help Redefine “Efficiency”

In late September I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend Microsoft’s “New Efficiency” event in San Francisco to talk about the importance of the new products they are bringing to market – including Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010. Each of these solutions brings an exciting new experience…


Hyper-V R2 Case Study – Podravka

Hello again!  I’m back with another Microsoft Virtualization case study.  Here is another great real-world example of how much impact Microsoft virtualization can have on your business.  This time, it’s Podravka, a Croatian food company competes with global giants like Kraft and Nestlé.  Competing in this space means Podravka must be incredibly agile and lean….


Hyper-V Case Study – PEAB

I’ve been highlighting Microsoft case studies recently because they do such a great job of showcasing tangible benefits from using Microsoft virtualization. Highlighting more real-world examples is something that a lot of you have been asking for when I meet you at shows and meeting.  I just saw another one that is definitely worth a…

0 Case Study

I’m back with another great case study.  This time, it’s, a Sharepoint hosting provider. switched from VMware ESX to Microsoft Virtualization, resulting in so many benefits by using Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager that I can’t list them all. But I do want to highlight some of the cost…


University of Miami chooses Microsoft over VMware

While I was out on vacation, I missed out on a couple of case studies that were published about Microsoft Virtualization.  One of the great case studies that came out was for the University of Miami.  This is a large university that used VMware and the System Center family of products.  They looked at using…


Free tools from Microsoft for Green IT

I’m back from the holiday weekend.  I saw this great post on a number of free tools we make available here at Microsoft, to make things easier for IT. Ther eare some security tools, Virtualization assessment tools, and a site dedicated to Green IT. They are free to use and download so give it…


DABCC Podcast with David Greschler

This is a great listen for those who want to learn a little more about what’s next with Microsoft Virtualization!


Virtualization and Cloud Key to Future IT

This is another great article that goes into the role that virtualization plays in future IT.  Thomas Bittman from Gartner and others really get into not just the importance of Virtualization and Cloud in IT but also why it’s important to use them properly.  Virtualization, like any other technology, needs to be properly implemented…


Green IT Gaining in Importance Globally

Another interesting article on Green IT in general.   It’s interesting to see Green IT from more than just a virtualization perspective.  According to the survey, Virtualization is a top Green IT projects.