Finally back and how to watch the MMS 2010 keynotes live!

Hello Virtualization Planet!  I know in my last blog I wrote that I would be posting more but things have gotten very busy for me.  As I told a colleague recently, if blogging and tweeting were my only job, it would be a lot easier.  🙂 Still, things are freeing up and I hope to…


How the Microsoft and HP Agreement Impacts Virtualization

If you haven’t heard by now, today, Microsoft and HP announced a three-year, $250 Million agreement to build a strategic partnership to simplify technology for our customers.  This agreement between Microsoft and HP will result in collaborations in engineering roadmaps, prepackaged application solutions, and comprehensive virtualization offerings and integrated management tools. To get more information…


How does VDI impact the responsibilities of Server/Desktop teams?

I saw another article from Brian Madden site’s (which I saw via Twitter) which asks the question that many VDI adopters forget, which is Who controls the new virtual desktops?  Is it the Server team or the Desktop team?  Traditional IT has been very easy to delineate in terms of responsibility, usually by function or…


Microsoft Takes Virtualization Game To Next Level

With our Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) going on this week, there have been some big announcements on Microsoft Virtualization.  I’ll probably post some highlights at weeks end but here is a Channel Web article on how some non-Microsoft people see our new offerings.;jsessionid=UCERVDILA45OOQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN


Why one hoster picked the Microsoft Solution

This is a great article on why one Microsoft partner, MaximumASP, went with a Hyper-V based solution for their new scalabe virtual hosting service.  While MaximumASP is Microsoft partner, they evaluated almost every vendor in the segement before deciding on the Microsoft solution.  The insights on hosting virtual machines and the benefits of integrated physical…


DABCC Podcast with David Greschler

This is a great listen for those who want to learn a little more about what’s next with Microsoft Virtualization!


What we should keep in mind when considering Cloud

Another article I had read a couple weeks ago, about what to consider relative to Cloud computing and what CIOs and other should be thinking about.;jsessionid=43QIIXC2YR4XAQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN  


Virtualization and Cloud Key to Future IT

This is another great article that goes into the role that virtualization plays in future IT.  Thomas Bittman from Gartner and others really get into not just the importance of Virtualization and Cloud in IT but also why it’s important to use them properly.  Virtualization, like any other technology, needs to be properly implemented…


Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Virtualization

I saw this article a couple weeks ago  and I wanted to highlight it because it really addresses issues that most people forget, the non-technical areas that drive a virtualization deployment.  I think that often there is a little too much focus on the technology and not enough on the implementation, such as integration…