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I’m back.  I’ve been running a little slient recently but hopefully, I’ll get back to my regular rhythm (for those who follow me twitter, you may have seen what’s been driving me crazy!).

Today, I wanted to highlight some of what Microsoft and a lot of people on my team have been working on for the last couple months.  We are working hard to expand our outreach with the online community.  We’ve worked hard on blogs and twitter feeds but we want to go well beyond.  I think I can break down what we’ve done in three areas.

Come check out our new Community web portal

Our goal is not to bombard you every time you turn the corner, but we want to be accessible in the media sites you are already spending time in and cut back on your time you need to troll around on the internet.  We are making our information easy to find, because we know you want real-time information without wasting your time to get it.

If you want an easy location to see all of the blogs & forums currently available from Microsoft virtualization experts - visit the new Community page on our virtualization website to see where conversations are already occurring around server and client virtualization, as well as the private cloud. 

Join us on Facebook

All of us are busy but we always seem to have time to check up Facebook, right?  Well, if you are Facebook user, you can get all the latest Microsoft Virtualization news right in Facebook.  Sign up to day to become a fan of Microsoft Virtualization on Facebook and gain access to information you want. 

We keep this page up-to date with press articles, analysts news, as well as the latest resources such as eBooks and whitepapers. 

Want to see how easy it is to set up a Microsoft Virtualization environment?  Watch the demo series in the video section. 

Want to see where the next event is that Microsoft Virtualization experts will be at?  Check out the events tab to find out more information & register.

Have questions you want answered?  Post a question our wall & have the facebook community help you out.  Our fans include the product group teams here at Microsoft

It’s more than just the Microsoft perspective

I know that most of you want to hear the Microsoft perspective but you also want the whole picture.  We want to bring more perspectives from from your peers, who have actually used Microsoft Virtualization solutions and from industry experts to get their take on the virtualization world.  We want to provide fair and balanced information that you can trust and refer to as a good resource of information.  We want you to provide you access to the the best virtualization information resources. 

With that in mind, we are inviting guest bloggers to post in this space so you can get every angle of how virtualization is changing the desktop and the datacenter and how it will impact you in the workplace. 

Be the first to hear it

There is often a lag period from when we announce new product & feature sets here at Microsoft, to customers actually hearing about it and understanding it.  I’ve spoken with many people that aren’t aware of all the changes that have occurred across our client & datacenter solutions over the past few years. 

To help, we have an RSS feed on our Virtualization home page, that you can check to see the latest information from the latest case studies to industry articles related to virtualization.  Our goal is to get customers educated on our products and solutions TODAY so you can make educated decisions about virtualization. 

Want to be more involved in the conversation?  We have a twitter account that follows Microsoft virtualization experts, as well as industry experts and our press announces.  Follow MS_virt to keep up to date with news.  Retweet/favorite/reply back – we love hearing from our customers and value their opinions and feedback. 

I hope this all sounds exciting to you and provides you some great resources for more information on Microsoft Virtualization.  In the future, look for us to provide more information on other community resources, including other ways to interact with other Virtualization experts.  If we missed anything or you have a great new idea, let us know.  As always, you can comment or send me feedback and I’ll work on it!

Edwin Yuen
Senior Technical Product Manager – Virtualization
Email Edwin Yuen at Microsoft Edwin on Facebook Follow Edwin on Twitter Edwin's Virtualization Planet Blog

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