Hyper-V Case Study – PEAB

I’ve been highlighting Microsoft case studies recently because they do such a great job of showcasing tangible benefits from using Microsoft virtualization. Highlighting more real-world examples is something that a lot of you have been asking for when I meet you at shows and meeting.  I just saw another one that is definitely worth a read: PEAB is a fast-growing Swedish construction and civil engineering firm that—like many companies—was grappling with server sprawl and all the IT management and financial challenges that come with it.

PEAB found that using Windows Server 2008 Datacenter with Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager provided all the capabilities they needed at less cost than VMware. It cut server deployment time by 87 percent, reduced costs for licensing and energy consumption, and expects to trim hardware purchases by 40 servers annually and staff management time by 280 hours annually.

Here’s what PEAB had to say:

“Microsoft had a very promising evolution path for Hyper-V, and it was much less expensive than VMware. With Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, we would obtain unlimited virtual-machine licensing, which represented a big savings.”

“With Hyper-V, we have much greater flexibility in responding immediately to business needs. The business is not waiting on IT. Our staff can now spend more time proactively helping business users, enhancing our network, and devising more effective disaster recovery responses.”

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