Microsoft Takes Virtualization Game To Next Level

With our Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) going on this week, there have been some big announcements on Microsoft Virtualization.  I’ll probably post some highlights at weeks end but here is a Channel Web article on how some non-Microsoft people see our new offerings.;jsessionid=UCERVDILA45OOQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering about a different scenario than the norm for VDI – the home network. Everyone in my house has a laptop in addition to the “public” desktop, we have in the dining room. All my “users” are of the “just make it work” type and are not particularly pc-savvy. My problem is having to act as the de facto IT support desk for the members of my household. I would love to set up a VDI so I can easily manage the less images, safe guard against any user induced os problems, and generally make everyone happy. Your videos have been brilliant in helping me toward that goal, but what I’m wondering can this be done without setting up an Active Directory domain controller? With the server, broker, gateway, web servers things are already getting complicated (although not really). BTW, I think this could be a untapped opertunity for Microsoft. Some sort of out-of-the box home virtualization server, similar to the Windows Home Server would be a hit in large families, dorm rooms, coffee houses, etc. Package up a WHVS (Windows Home Virtualization Server) with a bunch of netbooks running Win7 – ah the beauty of it all. Viva la Virtual!

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