Finally back and how to watch the MMS 2010 keynotes live!

Hello Virtualization Planet!  I know in my last blog I wrote that I would be posting more but things have gotten very busy for me.  As I told a colleague recently, if blogging and tweeting were my only job, it would be a lot easier.  🙂 Still, things are freeing up and I hope to…


Join the Microsoft Virtualization Community

I’m back.  I’ve been running a little slient recently but hopefully, I’ll get back to my regular rhythm (for those who follow me twitter, you may have seen what’s been driving me crazy!). Today, I wanted to highlight some of what Microsoft and a lot of people on my team have been working on for…


Guest Blog: How AMD and Microsoft Help Redefine “Efficiency”

In late September I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend Microsoft’s “New Efficiency” event in San Francisco to talk about the importance of the new products they are bringing to market – including Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010. Each of these solutions brings an exciting new experience…


Guest Blog: SQL Server Consolidation with Microsoft Virtualization

Hello, my name is Vipul Shah and I’m a Senior Product Manager with the Virtualization Team. Due to its ability to drive down costs and drive up resource usage, Microsoft SQL Server consolidation is top of mind for our customers these days. Microsoft virtualization, which includes Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and System Center, is…


How the Microsoft and HP Agreement Impacts Virtualization

If you haven’t heard by now, today, Microsoft and HP announced a three-year, $250 Million agreement to build a strategic partnership to simplify technology for our customers.  This agreement between Microsoft and HP will result in collaborations in engineering roadmaps, prepackaged application solutions, and comprehensive virtualization offerings and integrated management tools. To get more information…


Looking Back at Some Key News and Two New Whitepapers

Hello Virtualization Planet followers!  I’m back for a quick update on a couple of items from the past month a couple new ones.  First, I made what I considered a really important post right before the holidays.  The post, Cutting through the FUD: Facts you should know about Hyper-V and System Center, really is a…


More Case Studies: Companies in Norway and Switzerland Choose Microsoft Over VMware, Saving Money and Improving Efficiencies

Happy New Year to all my readers.  In keeper with the positive tone I’ve been on recently, I wanted to again highlight more case studies about Microsoft Virtualization.  We recently published two case studies that exemplify the cost savings, scalability, and flexibility benefits that customers consistently realize with Microsoft virtualization.  Both highlight the capabilities of…


Cutting through the FUD: Facts you should know about Hyper-V and System Center

For those who follow this blog, you have noticed that the blog is much more about Microsoft Virtualization and why you should use it and less about what is negative with the competition.  While I do write and make comparisons with VMware, my goal is to promote Microsoft Virtualization.  Still, when I meet users and…


Great Technical Resources for Hyper-V: How to get started and find advanced configurations

I wanted to highlight a couple new resources that are available for Hyper-V.  The first is an amazing update to the Hyper-V Technical Information and Resources page on TechNet.  There is great information for Hyper-V including: Installation Guides Deployment and Performance Guidance Deployment Guides Planning and Pre-deployment Tools Management Tools Workload Specific Guides, including Sharepoint,…


Hyper-V R2 Case Study – Podravka

Hello again!  I’m back with another Microsoft Virtualization case study.  Here is another great real-world example of how much impact Microsoft virtualization can have on your business.  This time, it’s Podravka, a Croatian food company competes with global giants like Kraft and Nestlé.  Competing in this space means Podravka must be incredibly agile and lean….