Applying Personal tag to Folder’s using EWS Script.

If you are facing the issue documented in the below blog ,where Notes folder is being processed by Default Policy tag with Move to Archive action.

Prevent archiving of items in a default folder in Exchange 2010

In this case ,creating a disabled RPT for Notes won’t help.The only solution available is to create a Personal tag with Move to Archive action and disable this tag. This tag then needs to be applied to the Notes folder using OWA.

Which means we need to rely on end user to perform this task. You can automate this process by using a EWS script ,documented in the below blog.

Stamping Archive Policy Tag using EWS Managed API from Power Shell (Exchange 2010)                   

The common question asked is if Personal tag is provided to end users chances are that users can be apply them to any folder or items to skip the retention policy. Restricting users to apply published Personal tag only to specific folders is not possible.

You can use the another EWS script to scan the entire mailbox and identify which folders has Personal tag applied.

Generating a report – Which folders have a Personal Tag applied to it (using EWS Managed API from Power Shell – Exchange 2010)

Above scripts can also be used in scenario where you need to apply Personal tag on a common folder created by applications across mailboxes.

Hope it helps !

- Vikas

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