Why is MFA not moving archiving or deleting expired contents from the mailbox.?

When retention policy stops working, the common questions asked are; • How do I know if retention policy is processing my mailbox? • How often does my mailbox is processed by retention policy ? • Why is MFA not moving emails to archive or deleting expired contents from the mailbox.? Before we discuss this in detail, let understand…


Why does my Outlook OST resync when policy is changed ?

Every retention tag has a tag name, retention age and retention action ,each tag also has a unique GUIDs. [PS] C:\>Get-RetentionPolicyTag “Inbox-365days-Delete”|FT GUID,RetentionID Guid                                                                                            RetentionId —-                                                                                               ———– 888cbf28-50b6-4f5c-8b88-3a382191faf4                         888cbf28-50b6-4f5c-8b88-3a382191faf4 When MFA processes emails and tags emails with tag and expiration information, it also populates the RetentionId of the tag in the PR_POLICY_TAG or PR_ARCHIVE_TAG property….


Prevent Notes, Calendar and Tasks from getting archived by using EWS script.

When you have a Default Policy tag (DPT) with move to archive in the policy, since by definition DPT  process all the folders in the mailbox, it is going to process all the folder and archive any expired content in the mailbox. This is default behavior. At times there could be a requirement to exclude some…


Notes getting archived by Default Policy tag !!

Default Policy tag (DPT) by definition processes all the folders in the mailbox. Default Policy tag and Personal tag can only have "move to archive" action. If your requirement is to process all the folders in the mailbox,having DPT in the policy meets your requirement. Incase you need to exclude a specific default folder to…


Exchange 2010 : Retention policy information in Outlook and OWA

When messages are process and tagged by Retention Policy.The tag information along with the expiry date can be viewed in Outlook and OWA. There are some minor differences in the way this information is displayed in Outlook and OWA. For example,if we have a tag for Inbox ,depending upon the number of days the message…


Voice Mails and Retention Policies

In this post,we will discuss how Voice mail messages are processed with MRM 1.0 and MRM 2.0. Managed Folders (MRM 1.0) When you create a Managed Content Setting for a folder with Message Class "Email",       the messages class included are ; IPM.Note;IPM.Note.AS/400 Move Notification Form v1.0;IPM.Note.Delayed;IPM.Note.Exchange.ActiveSync.Report;IPM.Note.JournalReport.Msg;IPM.Note.JournalReport.Tnef;IPM.Note.Microsoft.Missed.Voice;IPM.Note.Rules.OofTemplate.Microsoft;IPM.Note.Rules.ReplyTemplate.Microsoft;IPM.Note.Secure.Sign;IPM.Note.SMIME;IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned;IPM.Note.StorageQuotaWarning;IPM.Note.StorageQuotaWarning.Warning;IPM.Notification.Meeting.Forward;IPM.Outlook.Recall;IPM.Recall.Report.Success;IPM.Schedule.Meeting.*;REPORT.IPM.Note.NDR When you create a Managed Content…


Items continue to process even after retention policy is removed.

When an email is processed by retention tag,it does stamp couple of properties on the folders as well as emails,some of the properties is PR_POLICY_TAG  & PR_RETENTION_PERIOD which contains the GUID of retention tag (These properties depend upon the type of tag and action set on the tag). But when the policy is removed from…


Misleading Disabled Tags behaviour

Recently worked on case where disabled tag was applied to Inbox folder. Emails in the Inbox when checked from Outlook in online are showing as the message is expired today. Email in OWA shows ; Thou these messages are showing as expired,they wont be deleted. These messages are showing as expired because the way the expiration…


Retention tags on Deleted items folder.

When Retention tag is applied to Deleted items folder.you would see a different behavior in which Retention tag procesess other folders and the Deleted Items folder.The retention age of mailbox items is calculated from the date of delivery,but when it comes to Deleted items folder,it works differently. The retention age for items in the Deleted…


Different ways in which Personal tag can be published.

Below are different ways in which Personal tags can be made available to users. 1) Adding Personal tag in the policy. Personal tag can be made available by adding the tag in the policy and then applying the policy to the mailbox. This personal tag will be available to all user who have the same…