Hyper-V Best Practices - Quick Tips (2)

Best Practices for Configuring Virtual Machines In continuation to my first post on best practices, I’m back with some more. This  post discusses best practices that should be considered when configuring virtual machines in Hyper-V. Virtual machine performance is not only impacted by how the physical server is configured but also by the selections made…


Microsoft.com Powered by Hyper-V

Hyper-V is Rolling..! Microsoft.com another huge asset is now powered by Hyper-V, it is showcased today in Rob Emanuel’s post on Windows Server Division blog.


Hyper-V Performance Information

Here are some nice performance information at this blog on Hyper-V http://blogs.msdn.com/tvoellm/archive/tags/Hyper-V/default.aspx


Hyper-V Best Practices - Quick Tips (1)

Best Practices for Physical Servers Before setting up a physical server to host Hyper-V Role, download, read and understand information included in the white paper “Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008” Avoid Overloading the Server Ensure High Speed Access to Storage Avoid Mixing Virtual Machines that can and cannot use Integration Services Configure Anti-Virus…


Hyper-V is Here....

LETS GO VIRTUAL…! Long awaited release, finally arrives. Microsoft launches Hyper-V today on 26-June-2008. Download Hyper-V It’ll be available via windows updates on 08-July-2008. Videos Hyper-V hits RTM interview with Mike Neil Hyper-V Part 1 – Architecture – Interview with PMs Hyper-V Part 2 – VM Snapshots – Interviews with PMs Interview with Windows Server…