Adding Ringtones to a Motorola Q (Smartphone)

Posted from:… It’s the question of all questions for the Motorola Q. How do you add or install custom ringtones to your Q? It’s real simple actually. First you need to know what you want to put on. Just make sure that it is in MP3 or WMA format. If you are solely using…


Motorola Q MSFP update is now Avaliable direct from Motorola

Click Here to download This update is includes the following features: 1. Direct Push (Auto Update mail when new mail arrives on the server) 2. Global Address List Lookup 3. The Device can now Accept Exchange Mobile Policies


Installing SSL Certificates to a Locked Smartphone (Motorola Q, Cingular 3125 etc)

If you are connecting to an Exchange Server or even to an Live Communication Server for Mobile Communicator you may need to install an SSL cert onto your Motorola Q or other Mobile Device.   Why? 1.  Well if your Administrator did not use an SSL cert from one of preinstalled Cert Authorities. They all have a…