Syncing Windows Mobile with a Mac – The Missing Sync

When you buy a Windows Mobile phone you end up with a few CDs.  Many of you may just throw them away and hit the net for what you really need, but if you look in the box you’ll find that there is often a copy of Outlook, a disc with Activesync 4.5 (to sync…


How to Setup Mail Sync (Activesync) on Windows Mobile Professional

Description:This is a How To Video for Setting Mail Sync (Activesync) on Windows Mobile Professional Phone. It is part of a VideoCast Series on Windows Mobile How Tos, which are all part of the blog “Is That Windows Mobile In Your Pocket” Operating System: Windows Mobile Professional (TouchScreen) Operating System Version:Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1


How to Check Free-Busy information on your Windows Mobile Device (ver. 5.x, 6.x)

When Windows Mobile 5 was released it was released without the ability to do GAL lookup.  To deal with this a add-on was developed from the product team that allowed you to do both GAL Lookup and check Free-Busy.  Well in Windows Mobile 5.0 GAL lookup was added but we still don’t have Free-Busy look…


How to Extract CAB files from the Activesync Installer and copy them to your SD Card

A lot of times you want to be able to install all your applications directly from you SD card, but most applications don’t make that easy.  Most of the time all you get from the application vendor is the PC installer.  To get the CAB file you can normally do the following:  Most applications make it easy…


Removing your Email Address from a Reply All message in Windows Mobile

  An Issue faced by a lot of customer is the problem of Reply All when your email address is added to the list and you end up with a response in your inbox. To get rid of this issue follow the steps below: Go to Activesync Choose Menu Choose Options Highlight Email Click on…


Push Mail and GAL Lookup missing when syncing to Exchange 2003 SP2 with a MSFP Device.

  Push mail and GAL lookup missing even when syncing to an Exchange 2003 SP2 Server with a MSFP device. During deployments you may run into the issue where your server is up and you are syncing without a problem but you aren’t getting the option to sync as items arrive as well as the…


SSL Tunneling vs SSL Bridging

With Windows Mobile architecture we have the option of SSL Bridging or SSL Tunneling. Some Reverse Proxy servers like ISA allow for SSL Bridging. Taken from: (Modified) SSL tunneling This is when the target website is tunneled to by you through ISA. The key word here is through. The ISA client communicates with the target…


Getting Windows Mobile to work with Outlook Contact Sub Folders (Outlook PCS)

A common request from customers is the ability to sync Contact List Subfolders.  The problem is that Windows Mobile will only sync the Default Contact Folder so if you’ve gone to lengths to setup other folders with contact information you may have an issue.  Well the issue can be remidied by doing the following: In…