Setting up Verbose Logging in Windows Mobile and Parsing Logs

If you are running into sync issues, or you’d like to troubleshoot an Activesync issue on your Windows Mobile Device, setting up Verbose Logging and parsing the logs is sometimes the quickest way to find the problem.

Setting up Windows Mobile for Verbose Logging

Open the Activesync Application on the Windows Mobile Phone.

Click Menu – > Click Options –>

Make Sure Microsoft Exchange is Highlighted

Click Settings –> Click Next on the Server Settlings Screen

Click Next on the User Information Screen –> Click Menu on the Server Settings Screen

Click Advanced –> Set Event Logging to Verbose

The log is saved in text format in the Windows\ActiveSync folder, for example

The log file is cleared at the beginning of each synchronization session. To retain the log file, copy or rename the log file before you start another synchronization session.

To copy the log file:

  1. Synchronize your PocketPC device with the server. If the synchronization fails, synchronize until the point of failure.
  2. Disconnect your PocketPC device to prevent the log file from being overwritten if an automatic synchronization is scheduled.
  3. In Windows Explorer, expand My Device, expand Windows, and then locate the log file that is in the ActiveSync folder.
  4. Rename the log file.
  5. Connect to the desktop.
  6. In the desktop ActiveSync program, choose Explore, browse to the ActiveSync folder, copy all the Log file to a folder on the desktop.
  7. Turn the logging back to Brief or None.

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