Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1: Upgrade for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats


Update for Windows Mobile 5 and 6

A free download is now available for devices with existing Office Mobile installations.

This free upgrade works only for Windows Mobile powered devices that have an earlier version of Office Mobile. If your Windows Mobile powered device does not have Office Mobile applications, this upgrade will not work for you.

Windows Mobile 5 Update:

Note: The Windows Mobile 5 update will only support the new file format and not have many of the new features of Office Mobile 6 such as DRM support.

Purchase Office Mobile:

If you do not have Office Mobile on your Device you can buy it for Windows Mobile 6 Devices here:

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  1. nleaney says:


    This link seems to be broken at the moment.  Has the download been pulled off the site for some reason or hasn;t it made it up quite yet?


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