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Workflows do not start

You are of course aware of the fact that starting with Service Pack 1 the workflows created in SharePoint designer that should launch under the credentials of the system account will no longer start automatically. You know what the resolution is for this problem: simply do not to use the system account. You implemented all… Read more

How to enable workflow tracing (debug)

This might come in handy whenever you (like myself and I am sure thousands of others) see some error in the execution of one workflow and found the completely useless messages like “Error Occurred” Dig deep and find nothing first troubleshooting step would be to enable verbose logging on the workflows category and check the… Read more

Sharepoint Designer 2007 workflow error occurred on Update List Item when field is Person/Group

  This is concerning an error found encountered in Sharepoint Designer based workflows after installing the October Cumulative updates. The behavior you will encounter is the following:   Create a simple list with two fields: Title (default) User type Person/Group Lookup   Create a Sharepoint Designer Workflow attached to this list , set it to… Read more

Workflow Error: "An error has occured in Approval"

What we have here is not actually a how to , nor does it point to a known issue, it’s more of a logical reason behind writing the entry. As a starting point, we have the SharepPoint standard Approval workflow which can, through the UI, easily be attached to a document library to kick in whenever… Read more

Cannot Update A List Item

I started the other day to create a simple workflow which should create an item in a tasks list and assign the task to a sharepoint group containing local accounts. The set-up was (so I thought) the simplest possible: One standalone server on a single server, no domain, no nothing. Sharepoint Approvers group contained 2 local… Read more