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mpp files stored in SharePoint open read only in Project Client

Since I encountered this ever recurring question on our internal community sites and no clear explanation on it, here it is: Scenario: you have Microsoft Project Client installed and you create a new project. When saving, you decide to store the Project file (.mpp) in a SharePoint document list. You are able to successfully save the… Read more

"The infopath form template for the selected content type cannot be loaded"

A quick one for you. If at some point you developed an InfoPath form and deployed it on your Sharepoint 2010 install as Web Browser Form , after upgrading to 2013 you may run into the following: Edit a page on your 2013 server, Add an InfoPath Form Web Part and edit it. Try to add… Read more

This web site has been configured to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer

Here’s one for you: Trying to open any page with Sharepoint Designer results in “Web Site Editing is Disabled. This web site has been configured to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer. Contact your web site administrator for more information” The behavior is by design for the Root Web of a Project Server Site Collection (Template PWA#0)  and… Read more

Task aggregation in SharePoint 2013. How does it work. Scenarios and supportability.

One of the important features in SharePoint is the ability to have an overview of the tasks assigned to a person. With SharePoint 2013, the source of the aggregation has diversified including now Project Server Tasks, SharePoint Tasks and Exchange Tasks , all these aggregated in the special “My Tasks” view in each user’s personal site…. Read more

Sharepoint Designer 2007 workflow error occurred on Update List Item when field is Person/Group

  This is concerning an error found encountered in Sharepoint Designer based workflows after installing the October Cumulative updates. The behavior you will encounter is the following:   Create a simple list with two fields: Title (default) User type Person/Group Lookup   Create a Sharepoint Designer Workflow attached to this list , set it to… Read more

Type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldUserValueCollection’ in Assembly ‘Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’ is not marked as serializable.

Among other things solved by the August Cumulative Updates, here is an issue which arosed after installing this patch. One of those issues is that if you modify a default list form (Editform.aspx, DisplayForm.aspx) using Sharepoint Designer 2007 and on this modified form you had an inpage user picker control, when you try to access this page in internet Explorer you will… Read more

Cannot Update A List Item

I started the other day to create a simple workflow which should create an item in a tasks list and assign the task to a sharepoint group containing local accounts. The set-up was (so I thought) the simplest possible: One standalone server on a single server, no domain, no nothing. Sharepoint Approvers group contained 2 local… Read more