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My Colleague Tag , or “there is no timer job…”

The question that generated this post was: “What timer job needs to run in order for the Colleagues tag to become in effect and to be displayed as such in the search results page ?” While this might seem trivial to some, there is a valid point behind the question, now with the multitude of… Read more

People search results returns sps3:// instead of http://

Talking about odd behaviors or things that one can configure and have unexpected results in SharePoint, here’s one: You search for People Names. All looks fine, the names are returned, all looks ok, BUT when you click on the URL that should take you to that person’s public profile, you receive a “Page cannot be… Read more

Crawl / Indexing logging categories

Found yourself in the position of wanting to find out what is going on on the server when you are crawling ? How about cranking up the logging level ? Nice but if you do it for all , you will rapidly get big log files that will not be so easy to analyze ……. Read more

Error in the sitedata webservice

Here’s a troubleshooting tip for you all having problems figuring out the hidden meaning of the message : “Error in the sitedata webservice” Say you are crawling a site and you receive the above error .What can you do to investigate what does that error mean ? 1. The nice and easy approach: You can… Read more

Profiles don’t get imported from AD

I ran into this while attempting to import the profiles and playing with my managed properties in the SSP. Here’s what I did and noticed: Having defined my  BDC as a People Details Repository  the initial purpose of the test was to completely replace all the user details in the search results with the results… Read more

This Site scope does not return any results

Noticed something weird the other days: I was fiddling around managed properties in my search settings and thought of deleting some of them to remove them from being indexed and from the search results. Among other managed properties deleted, I also deleted the “Site” managed property. What I noticed after running a full crawl was… Read more

Search Based Alerts

Purpose : To get notified whenever something new gets indexed, based on a search term you specify. Say for instance that you would like to get notified whenever a new “TOP SECRET DOCUMENT” 🙂 gets indexed. Go to the search page, issue a query and when the results page is displayed, click on the “Alert… Read more

Event ID: 4138 – An index corruption was detected in component ShadowMerge in catalog ….

Recently I faced several issues regarding the corruption of the index right after a reboot of the server following a patch installation. The issue, as I could observe it, occurs whenever the server is crawling and needs to reboot at the same time.The “techinal details” of the issue written in an event entry logged every 15… Read more

How to remove something (the port) from the URL as returned in the search results (searchresults.aspx):

How to remove something (the port) from the URL as returned in the search results (searchresults.aspx):   UPDATE : the behavior depicted below should not happen after installing October 2009 Cumulative Update package:   Download October 2009 Server-Package for WSS (974989)   Download October 2009 Server-Package for MOSS 2007 (974988) If you have not upgraded or… Read more